Monday, 30 January 2012

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! And PhatKat's Continuing Adventures In Greece...

... in which they visit the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Acropolis Museum and get nearly ripped up by one very sensitive and commentary by MomKaterina. Read on, dear readers, read on:

"Zombie Kitty goes to Athens, Greece and visits the Acropolis, sees the Parthenon and visits the Acropolis Museum. She also went with her friend PhatKat and MomKaterina. 'Spent the weekend in cold, grey Athens, chilly winter!
Zombie Kitty arrived on Saturday morning, and stayed at a hotel near the train station in Athens":

"And then went and hunted up the Acropolis, the Rock...high up where the Parthenon can be seen. Katerina happily took both Zombie Kitty and PhatKat along the way to the the Odeon, below the Parthenon":
The Parthenon marble is being cleaned and repaired, so there is scaffolding and a crane or two.

 ZKK is nearing the Odeon and with PhatKat they can just barely see the west end of the Parthenon.
 "No photos were allowed with the cats up at the archaeological site nor in the museum. The Greek guards are very sensitive and do NOT allow "fun" or "mocking" photos we had to sneak a pic or two."

 "To the Acropolis museum to see the sculptures and a view of the Parthenon high on the third floor! The guard rushed to Zombie Kitty and forbid any photos inside with "the cat" :-("

But this one with the view of the Parthenon was done before the guard came. 
 "Now, inside the Acropolis Museum are the famous sculptures of the pediments, but they are white plaster copies , as the originals are still in the British Museum in know: "The Elgin Marbles".
The white plaster makes these sculptures look like "ghosts"...waiting for the real ones to return.

"There are painted-like-old-marble full size plaster copies also at the subway/Metro station and that is where Zombie Kitty and PhatKat were able to pose with the "ancient" Greek art."

"The metro stations also have on exhibit the archaeological items that were found while digging to make the Metro underground. Zombie Kitty liked these amphoras.":

"Back home, Delfini Dolphin chats with Zombie Kitty and PhatKat as they tell their tales of their weekend trip to Athens.":

"Now time for some shut-eye, and in a day or two, a visit to the sights of Thessaloniki, Greece."

And so ends one very exciting trip to Athens for Zombie Kitty Kawaii!, PhatKat and their guide, MomKaterina! Fantastic! Good to hear that they didn't end up in tiny little paper pieces and that MomKaterina is really good at explaining to the museum guards why she was carrying around two cardboard cats in her pouch bag ("Printed Matter...perfectly harmless..." as she says!).
I say, you all deserve a few days rest...but we do look forward to your next adventures, of course!

Friday, 27 January 2012

Special Alert! Zombie Kitty Kawaii! and Phatcat Arrive In Greece!

After many days traveling in the Postal system between Croatia and Greece, Zombie Kitty Kawaii! and her traveling companion, PhatKat have finally arrived at the home of Katerina in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Says Katerina of their arrival: " Zombie Kitty Kawaii! and PhatKat arrived today...Friday! Wow...the last day-of-the-week for mail ;-) I could not open the big envelope from "Croatia" fast enough. Yay! Now tomorrow and for a few days, Zombie Kitty will be enjoying the kits and cats, sights and travels around Greece! We are a happy "παρέα", she likes the "company" and the Greek sunshine already!"

Katerina also adds: "Last-day-of-the-week and GOTIJ* here in Greece is Zombie Kitty and PhatKat.
And the passport and the instructions...what fun! Thanks xxx"

Thank you, Katerina, for being so patient and for hosting Zombie Kitty Kawaii! and PhatKat in the beautiful country of Greece. I know everyone will be eager to see what wondrous adventures you all get up to! So, until tomorrow...

YES!!! I have received FAB Mail Art! 
Word received from Ruud Janssen (Netherlands) 
GOTIJ to be said in an excited tone with the intention to respond to said mail art. 
GOTIJ relieves the speaker/writer from the lengthy phrase “I have received mail art from…”  
Replace with GOTIJ 

Meaning ascribed by Cheryl Penn (South Africa)

Thursday, 26 January 2012

More Australian Adventures With Mini Kawaii!

Yesterday morning, I received some more awesome photos of Zombie Mini Kawaii!'s Adventures in Australia with commentary from her host there, Vizma:

Does Zombie Kitty need to be "Under Effective Control at all times"??? Only time will tell!
Watching an exciting lawn bowls game in Victor Harbor...
Zombie Kitty saving lives on Goolwa Beach! "I was saved by a dead cat!!" It could have been a great headline for the local rag, but I think Kitty had too many drinks at lunch to be able to swim.
(Now that's a headline I would have love to have seen! -Louise)

 We had a special visitor arrive from the other side at dinner one night. Kitty was very happy to see another Zombie, and all the way from Mexico.
("Oh MZKK! You're so amazing! Is that the Frida Zombie?" -Angie of Port Washington, WI)

 Pinka giving us all a subtle hint that tomorrow (Jan 26) is her 6th birthday and it's not all about the kitten thanks very much. Yep, it's an Australia wide Public Holiday and everyone will be having big parties for her. (It's also Australia Day but that's neither here nor there.)

Well, Pinka, we definitely wish you a very Happy Birthday and hope you enjoy your party! I'm sure Mini Kawaii! will behave herself or she will have you to answer to! 

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

And Now, From The Queendom Of Retailia...

...this just in...

...with many thanks to Martha I of Retailia...
A note from her Majesty herself.

Spotted? By Retailian Scientists?

Sunday, 22 January 2012

An Outake Photo By Angie...

...while were waiting for Zombie Kitty Kawaii! to make her appearance. Any day now...hopefully... how long does it actually take to mail something from Croatia to Greece anyway? Anyone?
ZKK, Phatcat and Daisy begging for cheeseballs. Dec. 2011.
Thanks for the great photo, Angie! I hope they didn't eat all the cheeseballs on Daisy!

Zombie Mini Kawaii! Arrives In Australia!

After spending 4 days in the frigid temperatures of Montreal, our mini pal "Zombie Mini Kawaii!" was posted to the summer temperatures of Waitpinga, Australia, where she is visiting ZKK member, Vizma:
Trip so far: 25,590 km
Ye gads, I love that postbox you have there, Vizma! It could fit many great pieces of mail art!
Apparently, "Mini Kawaii!" arrived just in time for the weekend! And, here is her welcoming committee:
Vizma writes: The Freaky Welcoming Party!
It's a funny thing about Zombie Kitty's and other cats (or dogs, for that matter); they just don't seem to feel their territory is being infringed on by them, which is a good thing, I guess (less ripped up paper Zombie cats to clean up.):
Vizma's Cat Pinka is not impressed.
And finally, we know how much "Zombie Mini Kawaii!" loves a party:
Vizma writes: "Cheers from, cranberry and soda so Zombie feels at home!!!"
Cheers to you too, Vizma, and we can't wait to see more of what you and Zombie Mini Kawaii! get up to!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Lost Art? Found Kitty.

This drawing was done for Superhero Lobster Johnson's "Lost Art" mail call.
( I was hoping to find a link to post for you all to see more of this wonderful project, but I'll just have to get back to you on this one. I'm still rubbish at figuring out how Google+ works. Bah!)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! arrives in Croatia...

...where she and her traveling companion, Phatcat*, got to spend New Year's with Ana and some of her friends. It looks like they had a wonderful time painting, partying and seeing the sites of Croatia. Anyway, Ana, we thank you again for hosting Kitty Kawaii and her entourage!

*Phatcat is the wonderful creation of "Maggie" in Port Washington.

Hey! Mini Kawaii! Roadtrip!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Small and Troublesome...

Can't one enjoy a New Years breakfast without it disappearing?
You need training "Mini Kawaii!"