Thursday, 26 January 2012

More Australian Adventures With Mini Kawaii!

Yesterday morning, I received some more awesome photos of Zombie Mini Kawaii!'s Adventures in Australia with commentary from her host there, Vizma:

Does Zombie Kitty need to be "Under Effective Control at all times"??? Only time will tell!
Watching an exciting lawn bowls game in Victor Harbor...
Zombie Kitty saving lives on Goolwa Beach! "I was saved by a dead cat!!" It could have been a great headline for the local rag, but I think Kitty had too many drinks at lunch to be able to swim.
(Now that's a headline I would have love to have seen! -Louise)

 We had a special visitor arrive from the other side at dinner one night. Kitty was very happy to see another Zombie, and all the way from Mexico.
("Oh MZKK! You're so amazing! Is that the Frida Zombie?" -Angie of Port Washington, WI)

 Pinka giving us all a subtle hint that tomorrow (Jan 26) is her 6th birthday and it's not all about the kitten thanks very much. Yep, it's an Australia wide Public Holiday and everyone will be having big parties for her. (It's also Australia Day but that's neither here nor there.)

Well, Pinka, we definitely wish you a very Happy Birthday and hope you enjoy your party! I'm sure Mini Kawaii! will behave herself or she will have you to answer to! 


  1. Looks like Pinka and Zombie kitty are having a wonderful visit. I'm glad she's having such a good time

    1. Fortunately, it looks as if Pinka knows how to handle Mini Kawaii! and show her who's boss ;-)