Monday, 27 August 2012

Passport Received! ZKK2 Is On Her Way!

After a sunny couple of weeks spent with Katerina N. in Greece, it is now time for Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (Mark 2) to finally depart. Photos and commentary by Katerina N., our Thessaloniki correspondent:

Yay! Zombie Kitty Kawaii2 got her passport in today's mail! Thank you, Mail Art Martha. We went and had her visa stamped and now she is off to Wales, UK, to visit with Sarah Churchill!

The Greek page has "European Union" in all the languages of the European Union...also the Greek/ Hellenic Republic!
The middle fold of the visa pages has the Parthenon, naturally :-)
All stamped and ready to gooooo...
Zombie Kitty packed her T-shirts from Canada and London and Greece.
She has her straw hat (is there sun in Wales???)
And her London Olympic gold medal all in a gold bag from Martha.
She is on her way to Wales, as of 12 noon today! KALO TAXIDI!

Well, I'm sure there is sun in Wales and who knows? Kitty Kawaii! (Mark 2) might start a whole new fashion in straw hats. She has become, after all, quite the fashionista.  It will be such a sight to see her trotting up the high street in her straw hat and t-shirt with her Gold Olympic medal swinging to and fro. Oh! What a sight that will be!
Anyway, Katerina, thanks again for "hosting" for the second time and for alerting us to her passport situation. I know that can be very stressful indeed. But,  I am glad you both enjoyed each others company so much. Now, on to Wales...

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (Mark2): Leading A Charmed Life In Greece!

After all the misadventures of losing passports and getting 3rd degree sunburns, it looks as if Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (Mark 2) is finally settling down and enjoying some relaxation in beautiful Greece with her host, Katerina N...

What nice charms! Zombie Kitty is soooo charming!
Now her rash is all cleared up and we made a short visit
in the late afternoon, out to the seaside shack. She liked the nice breeze
and sitting out on the swing:

Also, wanted to sit in the shade of the olive tree...

...and smell the flowers!

She has been a good Zombie Kitty,
and helped me unpack two mailings from Erni.
 Luckily, there was NO cheese in the box!
I think she just loves the Haptic Werewolf!

Zombie Kitty Kawaii2 out at the marble seaside shack :-)

 Katerina, I am so glad to see you both having such a relaxing adventure, as well as ZKK2 looking so fit and unburnt. We know this KAT loves to participate in mail art activities and I'm glad she was such a great help to you. But, it was probably good that there was no cheese in the package or who knows what could have happened!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Most Charming Mail Art...

...from our Huntsville, Alabama Correspondent, Stephanie Blake...

 You are probably wondering why I've included this lovely mail art on the Zombie Kitty Kawaii! blog and not my other blog (my iPod is my sketchbook), but there is a good reason for this. At first glance, one might say to one's self, "how can this be ZKK mail art even though the artist was one of the official hosts? It's not even addressed to Zombie Kitty Kawaii!"

Well, if one only takes a closer look at all the "charms" within, one will spy...
...Zombie Mini Kawaii! among all the fabulous charms and that is why I decided to include it on this blog. Thank you, Stephanie, for the wonderfun mail art!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Burnt Again!

When will these KATs learn? Never, it seems as the sun seems to call them and, well, I'll let Katerina, our Thessaloniki correspondent, tell all:

Zombie Kitty gets BURNT, again...
this time by the Greek sun:

I warned her not to sit too many hours out on that lounge chair,
and not to swim in the sea at noontime,
but did she listen? Not!
Well, she developed a sun rash, and looks like a tomato (like me).

Luckily, I have many creams, and sprays, and antihistamine pills from the doc, 
so ZKK2 should be in good shape to travel by the time her passport arrives.
Not a problem, Martha, you see Zombie Kitty has to stay indoors for a few more days anyway...

And if she does want to go outdoors, she now has a straw hat to protect her from the sun!

That is one great hat, Katerina and should keep Kitty Kawaii! nice and sun free for the rest of her stay. It probably should go with her on her travels, as you never know when she will end up somewhere where the sun is too strong for her delicate, ever falling off flesh.

Passport update from Retailia: Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (Mark 2)'s passport arrived in Retailia from Canada in record speed (4 days!).  A message sent from Martha I:
 "ZKK's passport is on its way to Greece, posted on Saturday but it left the post office this morning, Monday August 20th, as there is no post on Sundays. I hope there are no more mishaps."
Passport stamp  officiated in the Queendom of Retailia

Monday, 13 August 2012

When A Zombie Kat Loses Their...

... happens, right? We've all lost things of value while traveling at sometime in our lives; passport, luggage, wallet, camera ( I lost one over a cliff once. Very nasty.). But, I will let Katerina tell you all about it:

Oh, dear, poor Zombie Kitty Kawaii2. She was a victim of a robbery, and there is no way that we can track down the thief! Though I sure would like to know WHY someone would steal ZKK2's passport (some illegal immigrant in Greece???) and her Olympic torch?

Zombie Kitty was in a big A4 envelope and inside a nice zip-plastic baggie.
However, you remember how ZKK "slipped" away from Vizma on the beach? Well, the whole nylon zip-baggie with ZKK and her belongings was lost for about 10-15 minutes. It must have slipped out of Vizma's hand that she was also carrying her beach towel. I am thinking that it fell on our way to the umbrellas, for when we arrived at the beach, Vizma didn't have the package with ZKK :-(

Yes, we looked EVERYWHERE! We went back to the car, under the car, back along our steps to the umbrellas ...could it have fallen somewhere in the sand and someone picked it up? Yes...because when I asked the beach-gal when we ordered our drinks if she had seen a "Cardboard Cat"...she said she look around and ask.

As Vizma and I made a second trip back to the car, searching once again along the way and in and out and under the car...then came up to us the beach-gal: "Is this what you are looking for?" And there was Zombie Kitty in the plastic baggie.

We did NOT check to see what is in the baggie, but just took photos of Zombie Kitty at the beach with us. Later, when I had returned home, and looking through the package from Mail Art Martha, did I realize that there is NO passport...and Martha wrote that there should be the Olympic Torch inside, too.

Gone. No passport  and no torch! So sad :-(
Not in the packet that Mail Art Martha sent.
The "gold" bag that Martha made has been torn in half, and that was where the passport was. Who would do such a thing? And then put the rest in the baggie and give it to the beach-gal? Well, we will not find out, but it makes me and Zombie Kitty very sad.

 All is not lost... ZKK2 does have her Gold Medal! And her Canada and London T-shirts...also a torn gold bag.

Her she is with her nice green Canada shirt:

And in her official London Olympics shirt,
 with her Gold Medal! Nice pink and matching beret!

To make Zombie Kitty feel better, I made her a Greek T-shirt (in BLUE, of course) for watching the Olympics. She knows that officially at the Olympics, the Greek team wears "HELLAS"..the name for the Hellenic country of the Hellenes as how the Greeks call themselves (and nothing to do with Hell As$).

Now then, we must ask Louise to please send us a new passport...send it to Greece and we will wait for it before sending ZKK2 on to ...wherever she is going after Greece?

In the meantime...
Zombie Kitty likes to sit and play on the "White Leopard" (MacBook), even though it doesn't have a mouse :-) She likes the BLUE!

 And, she sends her greetings to all here at IUOMA and Zombie Group!

What a sad tale, Katerina! But, do not fear as I have called the passport office here and after explaining the situation they agreed to put a rush on Zombie Kitty Kawaii!2's new passport. The only snag is that for some strange reason it must go through the Queendom of Retailia. But, as ZKK2 is such great pals with Martha I, she should have her passport fairly quickly.

Even Zombie Kats need passports nowadays.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Zombie Kitty Kawaii (MRK2): A Lost Book Found In Retailia!

A most excellent surprise message arrived today from her Majesty, Martha I. It reads:

"Hi Louise, I took this photo when Kitty was not looking, she was lost in her own world. She had been asking about the computer, I imagined she was only  interested in the mouse, but she turned out to be a proper little nerd, as you will see."

Maybe she should be renamed "Nerdy Kitty Kawaii!"?
" At the time, I didn't know what she was doing but today I found this book which she forgot. I thought that it was better to send it directly to you."

Open publication - Free publishing - More comics

"I do miss her but she has to visit so many people and she deserves a better climate than ours. She looks very happy with Katerina and Vizma."

Your Majesty, I cannot thank you enough for such a treasure and I am most certain that the readers of this blog will enjoy this book as much as I have. 

Who knew that Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (Mark2) was so computer savvy?

Note:You can find more of these terrific books by the author, Mail Art Martha, here:
Her webpage is:

Thursday, 9 August 2012

...And Arriving In Greece!

Once again, our Thessaloniki Correspondent, Katerina N., has offered to host Zombie Kitty Kawaii!2 and show her the wonders of Greece. But, she is not alone. ZKK2 also gets to share her adventures with our former Australian Correspondent and Host, Vizma Bruns:

Thank you, Mail Art Martha! Zombie Kitty 2 AND Vizma Bruns arrived in Greece...we went to the seaside and Vizma for a swim in the Aegean Sea!

Vizma, ZKK2 and Katerina

Vizma and ZKK2

Louise is away on a trip, but Zombie Kitty Kawaii 2 arrived today in Greece, and we had great adventures and good gyros and watermelon...

...and a nice cool orangie:
  and just fun with Vizma!
 Posted some mail art we ALL made:
 and Zombie Kitty had to take a Greek siesta zzzzzz.

But, then the unthinkable happened...

Zombie Kitty can be a naughty kitty!
On our way to the beach, she was suppose to hold Vizma's hand and not run off on her own! Well, she slipped away and for about ten minutes we were frantic as to were we lost her! We looked around the umbrellas, and back to the car, in the "boot" and under the Kitty!
We were so worried, and we hadn't taken any photos with the new arrival from London! Katerina caught the beach gal, serving the juices and coffees, and asked in Greek if anyone saw a Zombie Kitty...made of cardboard!
And just as we were crying during our second search around the car...her come the beach gal and says:
"Is this what you are looking for?" It was ZKK2! YAY!
Well, we were sooooo happy to see her and hug her, we could not punish her for wondering off and getting lost. Whew!
Safe and sound.

Zombie Kitty Kawaii 2 with Vizma Bruns' Greek Island Rhodos bag!
She wanted to head off with Vizma to the island, but will stay for a few more days with Katerina in Thessaloniki :-)

 Well, Katerina, I'm glad that beach adventure you had turned out for the better. I guess all that fine Greek sunshine must have really went to her  squishy little brain. I hope she learned her lesson. Anyway, thanks again for hosting her and we all look forward to her next adventures with you...

Leaving Retailia...

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (Mark2)  finally left the Queendom of Retailia last week and what a fantastic adventure it has been. Kitty Kawaii! not only became a hero to the Retailian populace for her heroic rescue attempt of the Shopping Trolley Gallery, but as it turns out, she has earned an Olympic Gold Medal as well, but let's let her tell you all about it:

"Here I am receiving a gold Olimpic medal for being the First in the Cute Zombie Kitty Cat Egory.
I haven't left yet because I had a bit of a problem with my passport, but it has been resolved. I worried that I may have to spend more time here, the hospitality is nice but the weather ... !"

"Now, I am ready to go with my  bag covered in Retailian gold as a good bye present from Her Majesty. Sunny Greece, here I come!"

Bon Voyage, Kitty Kawaii! Wishing you an uneventful trip to Greece!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Meanwhile...In Finland...

... Carina takes Zombie Mini Kawaii! shopping! Hooray! We all know how much she loves to shop, having experienced the  Dom Pedro Shopping Mall in Brazil. Now, she gets the opportunity to experience a real market in Finland. Photos and commentary by Carina Granlund:

Today, we visited the market square in the nearest town, Vasa.

Immediately,  as I turned my back for a moment, ZMK was checking out the strawberries.

  She got a new friend, who offered her free strawberries. Not bad!

Then we checked out "the Statue of Liberty". Year 1917, Finland became independent, earlier it had been controlled by Russian sovereignty...
 Cheers Finland!

Another Update From Retailia...

While I have taken a much needed break, it seems that there has been a lot of goings on at the Zombie Kitty Kawaii! IUOMA group page. What a bunch of busy Zom-bees this group has been...

A newspaper clipping from Retailia.

I love the Retailia Times. You want truth? Read the Retailia Times.

And, speaking of truth, there is now an actual video made by the Marquis de Bananas (Dean Marks) about what really happened to Retailia's Shopping Trolley Gallery. You can watch it at this link:
You can read his blog about it at this link: