Thursday, 9 August 2012

...And Arriving In Greece!

Once again, our Thessaloniki Correspondent, Katerina N., has offered to host Zombie Kitty Kawaii!2 and show her the wonders of Greece. But, she is not alone. ZKK2 also gets to share her adventures with our former Australian Correspondent and Host, Vizma Bruns:

Thank you, Mail Art Martha! Zombie Kitty 2 AND Vizma Bruns arrived in Greece...we went to the seaside and Vizma for a swim in the Aegean Sea!

Vizma, ZKK2 and Katerina

Vizma and ZKK2

Louise is away on a trip, but Zombie Kitty Kawaii 2 arrived today in Greece, and we had great adventures and good gyros and watermelon...

...and a nice cool orangie:
  and just fun with Vizma!
 Posted some mail art we ALL made:
 and Zombie Kitty had to take a Greek siesta zzzzzz.

But, then the unthinkable happened...

Zombie Kitty can be a naughty kitty!
On our way to the beach, she was suppose to hold Vizma's hand and not run off on her own! Well, she slipped away and for about ten minutes we were frantic as to were we lost her! We looked around the umbrellas, and back to the car, in the "boot" and under the Kitty!
We were so worried, and we hadn't taken any photos with the new arrival from London! Katerina caught the beach gal, serving the juices and coffees, and asked in Greek if anyone saw a Zombie Kitty...made of cardboard!
And just as we were crying during our second search around the car...her come the beach gal and says:
"Is this what you are looking for?" It was ZKK2! YAY!
Well, we were sooooo happy to see her and hug her, we could not punish her for wondering off and getting lost. Whew!
Safe and sound.

Zombie Kitty Kawaii 2 with Vizma Bruns' Greek Island Rhodos bag!
She wanted to head off with Vizma to the island, but will stay for a few more days with Katerina in Thessaloniki :-)

 Well, Katerina, I'm glad that beach adventure you had turned out for the better. I guess all that fine Greek sunshine must have really went to her  squishy little brain. I hope she learned her lesson. Anyway, thanks again for hosting her and we all look forward to her next adventures with you...

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