Monday, 13 August 2012

When A Zombie Kat Loses Their...

... happens, right? We've all lost things of value while traveling at sometime in our lives; passport, luggage, wallet, camera ( I lost one over a cliff once. Very nasty.). But, I will let Katerina tell you all about it:

Oh, dear, poor Zombie Kitty Kawaii2. She was a victim of a robbery, and there is no way that we can track down the thief! Though I sure would like to know WHY someone would steal ZKK2's passport (some illegal immigrant in Greece???) and her Olympic torch?

Zombie Kitty was in a big A4 envelope and inside a nice zip-plastic baggie.
However, you remember how ZKK "slipped" away from Vizma on the beach? Well, the whole nylon zip-baggie with ZKK and her belongings was lost for about 10-15 minutes. It must have slipped out of Vizma's hand that she was also carrying her beach towel. I am thinking that it fell on our way to the umbrellas, for when we arrived at the beach, Vizma didn't have the package with ZKK :-(

Yes, we looked EVERYWHERE! We went back to the car, under the car, back along our steps to the umbrellas ...could it have fallen somewhere in the sand and someone picked it up? Yes...because when I asked the beach-gal when we ordered our drinks if she had seen a "Cardboard Cat"...she said she look around and ask.

As Vizma and I made a second trip back to the car, searching once again along the way and in and out and under the car...then came up to us the beach-gal: "Is this what you are looking for?" And there was Zombie Kitty in the plastic baggie.

We did NOT check to see what is in the baggie, but just took photos of Zombie Kitty at the beach with us. Later, when I had returned home, and looking through the package from Mail Art Martha, did I realize that there is NO passport...and Martha wrote that there should be the Olympic Torch inside, too.

Gone. No passport  and no torch! So sad :-(
Not in the packet that Mail Art Martha sent.
The "gold" bag that Martha made has been torn in half, and that was where the passport was. Who would do such a thing? And then put the rest in the baggie and give it to the beach-gal? Well, we will not find out, but it makes me and Zombie Kitty very sad.

 All is not lost... ZKK2 does have her Gold Medal! And her Canada and London T-shirts...also a torn gold bag.

Her she is with her nice green Canada shirt:

And in her official London Olympics shirt,
 with her Gold Medal! Nice pink and matching beret!

To make Zombie Kitty feel better, I made her a Greek T-shirt (in BLUE, of course) for watching the Olympics. She knows that officially at the Olympics, the Greek team wears "HELLAS"..the name for the Hellenic country of the Hellenes as how the Greeks call themselves (and nothing to do with Hell As$).

Now then, we must ask Louise to please send us a new passport...send it to Greece and we will wait for it before sending ZKK2 on to ...wherever she is going after Greece?

In the meantime...
Zombie Kitty likes to sit and play on the "White Leopard" (MacBook), even though it doesn't have a mouse :-) She likes the BLUE!

 And, she sends her greetings to all here at IUOMA and Zombie Group!

What a sad tale, Katerina! But, do not fear as I have called the passport office here and after explaining the situation they agreed to put a rush on Zombie Kitty Kawaii!2's new passport. The only snag is that for some strange reason it must go through the Queendom of Retailia. But, as ZKK2 is such great pals with Martha I, she should have her passport fairly quickly.

Even Zombie Kats need passports nowadays.

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