Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fowl Play In Paris!

Not an Agatha Christie novel, but our Paris Correspondent Dean's attempts to actually find out more about the Police Station's Architecture from yesterday's post. The "Zombie Kitty Kawaii! Group" on the IUOMA Network (that's International Union Of Mail Artists, in case you were wondering.) were all very curious about it. So, he explained his plan to find out more about the mysterious architecture:

"I need to do some research about that building. I'll stop by the police station with the Kat, and report that the kat had been attacked, (look at it's eye). During the report, I'll slip in a question or two about the building."

A very good plan indeed. But, sometimes things don't work out as necessarily planned:

"Well, I went to the police station, but chickened out about going in and filing a report about a beaten Kat. But, across the street from the police station are all these different kind of workshops. This place makes lamp shades with feathers."

"Lamp Shades with chicken feathers? Doesn't that sound fowl?"

Indeed! What would Agatha Christie think?

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

For Sale: One Zombie Kitty...

...You never know what you'll find at a street market in Paris...commentary and photos by our Paris Correspondent, Dean...

"Our Sunday stroll.  A couple hours stroll through Paris and we ran into a street flea market.  It always amazes me on when you go for a stroll in Paris, you always fall upon something strange and interesting."

"Only 200 euros (Kat, fleas and taxes included.)."

 "A bargain",  I said to my wife.  "Ask them how much without the Kat.", she said.
 "220 euros", said the flea market man.

But, wait! This isn't the end!
There's more.
Read on!

"Today, we are well off the tourist trail.  This is a police station near to were I live. There are about 20 big statues of men with triangles in the middle of their bodies.  From this exact point, you can see the head of the statue behind.  I go by this building all the time and I still can't figure out why there is a Police station looks like this.  Maybe that's why the say "Gay Paris"!

Well, it looks as if Zombie Kitty Kawaii! is wondering the same thing, Dean. Maybe that is why she is getting a closer look. And, here is where I can't help but quoting the lyrics from the song, "Gay Paree" (really, it is spelled that way...) from a favorite film of mine, "Victor, Victoria:

"Along the Rue Madeleine
Each evening 'round about ten
You'll see it time and time again:
Gay Paree."
( "Gay Paree" from the film Victor/Victoria
- music by Henry Mancini, lyrics by Leslie Bricusse)

Monday, 27 February 2012

The Reppearance Of Phat Kat..., were you actually wondering what had happened to Zombie Kitty Kawaii!'s traveling companion, Phat Kat? I was. Did she run off with another Jazz loving kitty and spend the rest of her days in Greece? Nooooo. She decided to hang out with Mim (our visiting Correspondent) and a Monkey while in Paris! As our Paris Correspondent, Dean, comments:

"This is a photo from Mim. It's Phat Kat & a Monkey which seems to be a thing Mim is doing which is similar to the Kats."
( Photo taken at their studio in Paris, note Mim's Mona Lisa series in the back ground. They were fun to see.).

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Zombie Mini Kawaii! At Maslin Beach...

...and gets "cooked" on...commentary and photos from Down Under by Vizma;

"Mini Kawaii! decided to go to the beach on her own yesterday, even after my stern warning about the dangerous Aussie sun. She thought it'd be fun to try to get an all-over tan in one day down at Maslin's, the nudist beach. I hope these photos aren't too explicit..."
(I guess I forgot to pack the SPF 150 sunscreen for her. Mind you, you know what they say, "you can take a kitty to the litter box, but you can't make them use it or something like that...-Louise)

" She shed her last bits of fur, popped on the sunnies and spent the entire day in the sun."
(Gosh "Mini". You've really turned into quite the sunny bunny. I love your shades and flipflops. What a beach fashionista you are!-Louise)

" Now she's home, leaning against a cool wall in the shade. I might put her in the fridge overnight...I did warn her!!"

Indeed, you did, Vizma. Mini Kawaii! You look like a well cooked East Coast lobster! Better not go to close to any seafood restaurants or you might end up as someone's main course.

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Poor, Sickly Kitty Kawaii.. feed or not to feed? Or, how does one, in fact, avoid the nasty hairball problem...A Bit Of Wine?A Bit Of Cheese? A Baguette?...main commentary by Dean, with bits thrown in by some of the former ZKK hosts :
" Give Zombie Kitty Kawaii! a bit of wine, a bit of cheese, a baguette...
and she will be hair balls after that  :-)"
says Greek Correspondent, Katerina.

"Well, I don't want to say any not nice, but what exactly were you feeding her in Greece before you sent her to Paris? Greek wine, cheese & bread was maybe not a good idea. (Notice how Kitty becomes a "her" when something bad happens.)
We thought to be going to the Eiffel Tower today, but Kitty doesn't look too good.  How long does it take a Zombie Kat to get over this hair ball stuff?  Besides, I have to clean the carpet today!   On the bright side, this red hair ball stuff looks like it will made an interesting Mail Art Card ... now who should I send it to?
Gaaaaaakkkkkkk!! (sound F/x by Amy)
" Leave it to ZKK to spit up hair rectangles rather than balls. Poor sick little thing."
remarks our Port Washington, WI, Correspondent, Angie.

So, who indeed will Dean send this red, fluffy, hairball to?
And, will a stamp actually stick to it?

Stay tuned for more Zombie Kitty Kawaii! Adventures!

Friday, 24 February 2012

Zombie Kitty Kwaii! Visits The Tuileries...

...and it's no walk in the park for our Paris Correspondent, Dean:

"Well, after a full day of culture today we thought to go for a nice stroll in the Tuileries garden.
The Tuileries Palace was a royal palace in Paris which stood until 1871, when it was destroyed in the upheaval during the suppression of the Paris Commune. It closed off the western end of the Louvre courtyard, which has remained open since the destruction of the palace.
With the disappearance of the palace, the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, built between 1806 and 1808 to serve as an entrance of honor at the Tuileries, became the dominant feature of the Place du Carrousel. It is a triumphal arch that was commissioned in 1806 to commemorate Napoleon’s  military victories of the previous year."

"We stopped at a lamp post, but Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (hey, I'm doing pretty good on the name now) didn't seem to want to go pee pee on the lamp post.  Not being a Kat owner myself, I really don't know how these things work.  And I just realized that Paris doesn't have red fire hydrants in the streets.  However, Paris does have: 

"Zombie Kitty Kawaii! was sitting very nice for the photos when all of a sudden he jumped off the statue and ran in the garden and started eating grass.  I don't know too much about Kats, but I get a strange feeling that this is not a good sign."

No, not a good sign at all. As Angie, our Port Washington Correspondent, remarks; "Grass eating is a sure sign of hair balls to follow. I hope you have plenty of carpet cleaner on hand ..."

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! Visits The Louvre Pyramid... which our Paris Correspondent and host, Dean, gives Kitty Kawaii! a lesson in on, dear readers...

"Enough of the girls, today was a day of culture at the Louvre Pyramid for Kitty Zombie Kawaii!.  Hey Mim! Do you have the photos of the other kat?"
 (For those of you who don't know, "Mim", is our other Correspondent, visiting from the U.S.-Louise)

"The pyramid and the underground lobby beneath it were created because of a series of problems with the Louvre's original main entrance, which could no longer handle the enormous number of visitors on an everyday basis. Visitors entering through the pyramid descend into the spacious lobby then re-ascend into the main Louvre buildings."

"The structure, which was constructed entirely with glass segments, reaches a height of 20.6 metres (about 70 feet); its square base has sides of 35 metres (115 ft). It consists of 603 rhombus-shaped and 70 triangular glass segments."

"The pyramid structure was engineered by Nicolet Chartrand Knoll Ltd. of Montreal (Pyramid structure / Design Consultant)."

But, just when it looked as if ZKK was behaving herself and being a good guest...
 ..."Zombie Kitty Kawaii! went pee pee on the Venus di Milo when we were at the Louvre.  The guards were not to happy.  I tried to explain that it couldn't be the Kat;  "Look", I said, "The Kat is made out of paper", but they did not believe me."

"Even Venus de Milo was up in arms over this little incident.  Bad Kat, Bad Kat, no clubbing for you tonight! "

Wow, Dean. I'm really sorry about that one. Zombie Kitty Kawaii! is litter trained, well, most of the time. I guess she was thought Venus de Milo was stealing her thunder, not having any arms and all...those people look a bit upset...I hope the guards weren't to rough with you...

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! And The Bronze Amazon Of Paris...

Zombie Kitty Kawaii chats up the birds. (British phrase for picking girls up)
By Dean M. (our Paris Correspondent)
"So bronze babe, your place or mine?", says Zombie Kat  "WOW, have you seen your eye, I think you should see a doctor." says the girl (which is really just a bronze statue, but Zombie Kat doesn't know that)  "No my eye is fine, but you look cold."  At which time a gust of wind picks up and blows Zombie Kat across the park, and me hurdling after it.  Better luck next time Zombie Kitty Kawaii, and please note, picking up girls with your tough hanging out is not very romantic, and is not likely to work.  But let's see if the ladies out there agree, or might have any tips.

 But Wait!! There's More!!!
As luck would have it, a new correspondent has arrived on the scene. "Mim" from the U.S. happened to be on hand to photograph this the ZKK crew in action! A rare event indeed.  As Mim says; "Here's the photo shoot process! Lucky we had Scott with us. Dean did a great job with location scouting!"

Thanks Dean, Mim and Scott for keeping us up to date with Kitty Kawaii!'s misadventures in Paris.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! Lights Up The City Of Lights... which ZKK's Paris host, Dean, takes Kitty Kawaii! clubbing, and while dancing the night away, she takes a misstep. Photos and commentary from our Paris Correspondent, Dean M.:

"So where did we leave off yesterday?  Oh yes, well another sunny day again today.  But last night Zombie Kat (I'll get the name right one of these times!) went out clubbing and is a little out of focus this morning."
(Don't worry, Dean. Just feed her some of the hair of the dog (or cat) that bit her and she should be alright by tomorrow-Louise)

" Zombie Kitty Kawaii! creates an electric company after putting its paw in an outlet.  More shocking photos tomorrow ..."

So, there you have it, dear readers. Paris now has a new source of electrical power... Chat électrique Kawaii de zombi !

Monday, 20 February 2012

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! Arrives In Paris, France!

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! has finally arrived in Paris!. Although, it looks as if PhatKat is taking a break from all of Kitty Kawaii!'s shenanigans, but I expect we'll see her again soon. Anyway, Kitty Kawaii!'s timing to arrive in Paris couldn't be any better. Photos and commentary from our Parisian correspondent and Zombie Kitty Kawaii!'s host, "Dean":

"Sunday stroll in Paris along the Seine with the Paris meeting group."

"Scott's hand (yes, he is tall) and one of the Notre Dame towers on the right. "

"Swatch this, Zombie Kat will now jump into the river, and swim away ...
La Conciergerie is a former royal palace and prison in Paris, France, located on the west of the Île de la Cité, near the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. It is part of the larger complex known as the Palais de Justice, which is still used for judicial purposes. Hundreds of prisoners during the French Revolution were taken from La Conciergerie to be executed on the guillotine at a number of locations around Paris.  The most famous prisoner (and victims) included Queen Marie Antoinette.  It was here where she said the famous quote; "Let them have Zombie Kat"."

"Don't look now, but it could start raining ...
Niche statues in the Cour Carrée (Palais du Louvre)"   Antinous of the Capitoline type. Stone, 19th century copy after a Roman original of the 2nd century CE. First floor, West façade of the Cour Carrée in the Louvre palace, Paris."

(Yikes! Kitty Kawaii! That may not be the best place to stop for a rest!-Louise)

"I can see for miles and miles ... stay tuned, (watch this space) more tomorrow."

Looking forward to ZKK's adventures in Paris with you, Dean. Until tomorrow! "Thppt! "

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Zombie Mini Kawaii! Wreaks Havoc In Adelaide...

... and has the luck to meet some of it's finest firefighters! Commentary and photos from our Waitpinga, SA corespondent, vizma:

"Today, I took Mini ZKK to Adelaide, because it was such a lovely day. 31 degrees, just right for a spin to the beach at Largs Bay."

"Little did I know that Kitty was feeling very playful and frisky, and just as a fire truck was driving past she she scooted up the nearest pine tree."
 ( Car rides to lovely beaches always seem to make "Mini Kawaii!" kind of frisky, but I guess you discovered that. -Louise)

"As you would expect, the lovely Largs lads jumped out of their fire truck and sprang to the rescue! Isn't this what a fireman is trained for on his first day of training? I was most impressed at their agility, strength and dedication to saving our Kitty from the incredibly high branches!"
(What an incredibly smart and sly Kitty she is! Indeed! -Louise)

"The fire engine driver was so honoured to save a Zombie Kitty from Toronto that he took down her details, and I wouldn't be surprised if he comes to visit Zombie back in TO. I had a chat with this heroic man and he informed me that he had once lived in Toronto. Then we had a laugh abooot the way Canadians say about!! Ha! I also wouldn't be surprised if these blog photos are copied and pinned up at the fire station!!!"
 (I'm surprised that he didn't mention how we Canadians are always saying "eh" at the end of our sentences, eh? -Louise)

"Anyway, here's a pic of me and Zombie, back on safe ground, posing on the front of the truck! Thank you so much to the Largs boys for being such great sports!!!!"

Wow! What an awesome Adelaide adventure you two had! "Mini Kawaii!" is certainly getting herself some kind of reputation as well...especially among the Largs Fire Services ! Ha! They were certainly great sports about it and on behalf of The Zombie Mini and Kitty Kawaii! blogging team, I thank them all as well. And, as always, I'm sure we all look forward to the next "Mini Kawaii!" Adventure...

Monday, 13 February 2012

"Zombie Kitty" Mail Art From Spain

I received this today from my mail-art friend, Sabela. This is a wonderful and most frightening piece of "Zombie Kitty" mail art! A very scary kitty indeed. Thank you for sending it, Sabela!

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Zombie Mini Kawaii!, Helps Out On The Sheep Station

Zombie Mini Kawaii! is certainly having an incredible experience visiting Waitpinga, South Australia. I received some more photos and commentary from vizma (our official Waitpinga correspondent) of Zombie Mini Kawaii! helping out on the sheep station:

"Rounding up sheep on her first day at work. Mini ZKK slipped! Don't get trampled Mini!"

" Zombie in a bit of danger, she could get stomped any minute!"

"Pinka to the rescue to get these 3 rogue rams into the next paddock."
(Who says sheep ranching is not a dangerous occupation? Obviously, Pinka knows better. -Louise)

"Next time you're driving the tractor, Mini!!"

"Now to teach her to spin some of that wool...
now, where did I put that wool?"

Glad to see Zombie Mini Kawaii! being so useful around the sheep station, vizma.
If she learns how to spin that wool, I could loan her out to the local alpaca farms when
she gets back (I'll bet that wool made some lovely yarn once it was spun
  Did ZMK! happnen to mention that I like to knit? No? Oh well...).

Monday, 6 February 2012

A Mini "Mini Kawaii!" Adventure...

And now for a mini adventure from Zombie Mini Kawaii! 
(Photos and commentary by vizma, our corespondent  from Waitpinga, Australia):

"Mini ZKK sat here laughing all day on a birch stool with new friend Sparky Nun. I soon tired of blowing up the whoopie cushion for them."
"Pinka borrowing Mini ZKK's tongue for a photo."

Well, vizma, how many times exactly did Zombie Mini Kawaii! have you blowing up that whoopie cushion? What a naughty kitty! And, it probably didn't help that she had Sparky The Nun egging her on! I'm glad to see that Pinka still has her under control! 

We can't wait to see what the next adventure beholds!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

A Little Geography Lesson...If Your Lucky...

O.k. kids! Just so you can keep up with all the places Zombie Kitty Kawaii! and her traveling companion, PhatKat have gone so far, we give you this map:
Unfortunately, Google Maps can't calculate the distance from Iowa City, Iowa, USA to  Osijek, Croatia as you can't travel it by car. There's an ocean in between. Too bad. I would have liked to have known.

 However, I can give you the distance traveled between  Osijek, Croatia and Thessaloniki, Greece:
  It is exactly 810 KM and will take you 9 hours and 17 minutes to travel by car (or postal truck, if you are Zombie Kitty Kawaii!). You will also be crossing through multiple countries, as noted by Google Maps. Thank you, Google Maps.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

And From Waitpinga, Australia...Another Zombie Mini Kawaii! Adventure!

It's the middle of the afternoon here in Canada, (probably the middle of the night somewhere else) and I'm finally getting the chance to post this next Australian adventure Zombie Mini Kawaii! is on. Unfortunately, my Internet has been down in the mornings as my provider is fixing the lines, so nothing gets done until the afternoons. But, I digress... we have a brand spanking new "Zombie Mini Kawaii!" adventure for you all! Photos and commentary by vizma, ZMK's host Down Under:

"Zombie Mini Kawaii! in the ute ready to take empty bottles to the recycle depot."

" Heading into town I put her on the dashboard with her new Aussie travel mates (it's illegal to sit in the back). From left: Burnt Troll, Footloose Witch, Pol Danzer, Dreadlock Gumby and (partly hidden) Lawn Bowler Cake Decoration Man."
 (What awesome new pals for ZMK! She seems to fit right in with them! -Louise)

"Sending Mail Art! One there for Katerina so she doesn't get too sad about losing ZKK so quickly!"

 "Trying to have a ride on a kangaroo road sign...

  ...and then she ran up a Eucalyptus tree and wouldn't come down. I'll have to get her tomorrow, hope it doesn't rain because she's not laminated."

Oh, Mini Kawaii! "Trouble" is definitely your middle name. Were you looking to find a koala to befriend? Well, at least you helped vizma take the empties to the recycling depot (my guess being that many of them were Mini Kawaii!s). Until  your next adventure...

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Continuing Adventures Of Zombie Kitty Kawaii! And PhatKat In Greece...

...the Tour of Thessaloniki, as given by "MomKaterina". Photos and commentary by "MomKaterina". Read on:

"Zombie Kitty Kawaii and Phat Kat take a stroll in the northern city of Greece: Thessaloniki, that's MomKat's home town."

 "It was a beautiful day, (not grey like Athens) Greek blue sky and the deep blue Aegean sea. It was COLD...but sunny! Here is Zombie kitty at he seafront, this is the upper northern part of the Aegean Sea: Themaikos Gulf."

" Famous landmark in Thessaloniki is the White tower on the seafront. It is from the remains of the sea walls made in the Middle Ages. Thessaloniki has many monuments from the 12-14 c A.D. Look, not a cloud in that Greek blue sky!!!"

" Zombie Kitty and PhatKat passed by the modern OTE Tower, that is the telephone and telecommunications tower with a revolving cafe atop."

 "Thessaloniki is named after Alexander the Great's sister, and here is Zombie Kitty and PhatKat checking out a statue of King Philip of Macedon, the father of Alexander and Thessaloniki."
( I did not know that! See, you learn something new everyday! Thanks, MomKat! -Louise)

Now a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki...

"At the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Zombie Kitty sees that there is an exhibit of Ancient Macedonian art...and Zombie Kitty knows that Macedonia is Greek ...since prehistoric times!"

"Of coure the "kats" are not allowed inside the museum, but there are some marble sculptures outside..sooooo photos could be taken."

Zombie Kitty liked the sculptures.

and PhatKat liked the end scene with the warrior and the Amazons
Now after taking in all the sights, it was time for a break.

PhatKat wanted pizza, of course (see where it is written:"Thessaloniki"?).
But, Zombie Kitty said let's get some hot choco instead; it was freezing out!
Soooo, hot choco with lots of whipped cream atop...
and  a choco cupcake for ALL the kats! yummy!
 (O.k. MomKat! You've got me really hungry now! I could eat my computer screen. -Louise)

"Back in MomKat's neighborhood, Zombie Kitty and PhatKat want to meet up with the local kits and kats. Unfortunately, it is soooo cold outside, that most of the cats are down in the apartment building's basement next to the central heating furnance keeping warm."

 "Only MomKat cat and Whitey came out to say "hi", er, "kalimera" to Zombie Kitty and PhatKat."

 "MomKat, the leader of the gang, was curious to see what these foreigners were made of!"
(She was probably pretty surprised to find out that they were made of bristol board :-) -Louise)

"And before Zombie Kitty and Phat Kat went inside, Ben-the-Ben said "hello". He was smiling today, as there was garbage pick-up and he was nice and clean!"

Luckily, NOT overflowing with garbage!
"Now Zombie Kitty and PhatKat helped sort all the mail art that arrived when we returned from Athens. They were so nice to do that! "

"Zombie Kitty and PhatKat had a fun time here, but they are packed-up-and-shipped-out. In the mail this noon time, and I think they are really eager to get to PARIS!" (on the way to Dean.)

So, off to France they go! I am sure there are many plans and adventures in store for these two travelers of the Postal Systems of the World! Many thanks again, MomKaterina, for having them visit you in Greece!  Thhppt!