Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Continuing Adventures Of Zombie Kitty Kawaii! And PhatKat In Greece...

...the Tour of Thessaloniki, as given by "MomKaterina". Photos and commentary by "MomKaterina". Read on:

"Zombie Kitty Kawaii and Phat Kat take a stroll in the northern city of Greece: Thessaloniki, that's MomKat's home town."

 "It was a beautiful day, (not grey like Athens) Greek blue sky and the deep blue Aegean sea. It was COLD...but sunny! Here is Zombie kitty at he seafront, this is the upper northern part of the Aegean Sea: Themaikos Gulf."

" Famous landmark in Thessaloniki is the White tower on the seafront. It is from the remains of the sea walls made in the Middle Ages. Thessaloniki has many monuments from the 12-14 c A.D. Look, not a cloud in that Greek blue sky!!!"

" Zombie Kitty and PhatKat passed by the modern OTE Tower, that is the telephone and telecommunications tower with a revolving cafe atop."

 "Thessaloniki is named after Alexander the Great's sister, and here is Zombie Kitty and PhatKat checking out a statue of King Philip of Macedon, the father of Alexander and Thessaloniki."
( I did not know that! See, you learn something new everyday! Thanks, MomKat! -Louise)

Now a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki...

"At the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Zombie Kitty sees that there is an exhibit of Ancient Macedonian art...and Zombie Kitty knows that Macedonia is Greek ...since prehistoric times!"

"Of coure the "kats" are not allowed inside the museum, but there are some marble sculptures outside..sooooo photos could be taken."

Zombie Kitty liked the sculptures.

and PhatKat liked the end scene with the warrior and the Amazons
Now after taking in all the sights, it was time for a break.

PhatKat wanted pizza, of course (see where it is written:"Thessaloniki"?).
But, Zombie Kitty said let's get some hot choco instead; it was freezing out!
Soooo, hot choco with lots of whipped cream atop...
and  a choco cupcake for ALL the kats! yummy!
 (O.k. MomKat! You've got me really hungry now! I could eat my computer screen. -Louise)

"Back in MomKat's neighborhood, Zombie Kitty and PhatKat want to meet up with the local kits and kats. Unfortunately, it is soooo cold outside, that most of the cats are down in the apartment building's basement next to the central heating furnance keeping warm."

 "Only MomKat cat and Whitey came out to say "hi", er, "kalimera" to Zombie Kitty and PhatKat."

 "MomKat, the leader of the gang, was curious to see what these foreigners were made of!"
(She was probably pretty surprised to find out that they were made of bristol board :-) -Louise)

"And before Zombie Kitty and Phat Kat went inside, Ben-the-Ben said "hello". He was smiling today, as there was garbage pick-up and he was nice and clean!"

Luckily, NOT overflowing with garbage!
"Now Zombie Kitty and PhatKat helped sort all the mail art that arrived when we returned from Athens. They were so nice to do that! "

"Zombie Kitty and PhatKat had a fun time here, but they are packed-up-and-shipped-out. In the mail this noon time, and I think they are really eager to get to PARIS!" (on the way to Dean.)

So, off to France they go! I am sure there are many plans and adventures in store for these two travelers of the Postal Systems of the World! Many thanks again, MomKaterina, for having them visit you in Greece!  Thhppt!

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