Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fowl Play In Paris!

Not an Agatha Christie novel, but our Paris Correspondent Dean's attempts to actually find out more about the Police Station's Architecture from yesterday's post. The "Zombie Kitty Kawaii! Group" on the IUOMA Network (that's International Union Of Mail Artists, in case you were wondering.) were all very curious about it. So, he explained his plan to find out more about the mysterious architecture:

"I need to do some research about that building. I'll stop by the police station with the Kat, and report that the kat had been attacked, (look at it's eye). During the report, I'll slip in a question or two about the building."

A very good plan indeed. But, sometimes things don't work out as necessarily planned:

"Well, I went to the police station, but chickened out about going in and filing a report about a beaten Kat. But, across the street from the police station are all these different kind of workshops. This place makes lamp shades with feathers."

"Lamp Shades with chicken feathers? Doesn't that sound fowl?"

Indeed! What would Agatha Christie think?

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