Sunday, 12 February 2012

Zombie Mini Kawaii!, Helps Out On The Sheep Station

Zombie Mini Kawaii! is certainly having an incredible experience visiting Waitpinga, South Australia. I received some more photos and commentary from vizma (our official Waitpinga correspondent) of Zombie Mini Kawaii! helping out on the sheep station:

"Rounding up sheep on her first day at work. Mini ZKK slipped! Don't get trampled Mini!"

" Zombie in a bit of danger, she could get stomped any minute!"

"Pinka to the rescue to get these 3 rogue rams into the next paddock."
(Who says sheep ranching is not a dangerous occupation? Obviously, Pinka knows better. -Louise)

"Next time you're driving the tractor, Mini!!"

"Now to teach her to spin some of that wool...
now, where did I put that wool?"

Glad to see Zombie Mini Kawaii! being so useful around the sheep station, vizma.
If she learns how to spin that wool, I could loan her out to the local alpaca farms when
she gets back (I'll bet that wool made some lovely yarn once it was spun
  Did ZMK! happnen to mention that I like to knit? No? Oh well...).

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