Sunday, 26 February 2012

Zombie Mini Kawaii! At Maslin Beach...

...and gets "cooked" on...commentary and photos from Down Under by Vizma;

"Mini Kawaii! decided to go to the beach on her own yesterday, even after my stern warning about the dangerous Aussie sun. She thought it'd be fun to try to get an all-over tan in one day down at Maslin's, the nudist beach. I hope these photos aren't too explicit..."
(I guess I forgot to pack the SPF 150 sunscreen for her. Mind you, you know what they say, "you can take a kitty to the litter box, but you can't make them use it or something like that...-Louise)

" She shed her last bits of fur, popped on the sunnies and spent the entire day in the sun."
(Gosh "Mini". You've really turned into quite the sunny bunny. I love your shades and flipflops. What a beach fashionista you are!-Louise)

" Now she's home, leaning against a cool wall in the shade. I might put her in the fridge overnight...I did warn her!!"

Indeed, you did, Vizma. Mini Kawaii! You look like a well cooked East Coast lobster! Better not go to close to any seafood restaurants or you might end up as someone's main course.

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