Tuesday, 28 February 2012

For Sale: One Zombie Kitty...

...You never know what you'll find at a street market in Paris...commentary and photos by our Paris Correspondent, Dean...

"Our Sunday stroll.  A couple hours stroll through Paris and we ran into a street flea market.  It always amazes me on when you go for a stroll in Paris, you always fall upon something strange and interesting."

"Only 200 euros (Kat, fleas and taxes included.)."

 "A bargain",  I said to my wife.  "Ask them how much without the Kat.", she said.
 "220 euros", said the flea market man.

But, wait! This isn't the end!
There's more.
Read on!

"Today, we are well off the tourist trail.  This is a police station near to were I live. There are about 20 big statues of men with triangles in the middle of their bodies.  From this exact point, you can see the head of the statue behind.  I go by this building all the time and I still can't figure out why there is a Police station looks like this.  Maybe that's why the say "Gay Paris"!

Well, it looks as if Zombie Kitty Kawaii! is wondering the same thing, Dean. Maybe that is why she is getting a closer look. And, here is where I can't help but quoting the lyrics from the song, "Gay Paree" (really, it is spelled that way...) from a favorite film of mine, "Victor, Victoria:

"Along the Rue Madeleine
Each evening 'round about ten
You'll see it time and time again:
Gay Paree."
( "Gay Paree" from the film Victor/Victoria
- music by Henry Mancini, lyrics by Leslie Bricusse)


  1. Ha ha ha, Dean always cracks me up! ZZK has had a wonderful time with him.