Monday, 31 December 2012

Monday, 10 December 2012

A Postcard For Zombie Kitty Kawaii!...

...from Svenja Wahl of Heidelberg, Germany. On behalf of ZKK and ZMK, I thank you, Svenja, for this very wonder-fun card!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Zombie Mini Kawaii! Experiences The Blue Hour... Finland...from Carina in Petsmo:

"MZKK and I took a car ride into town today, at the Blue Hour, posting some photos."

 ..and home again..

What a lovely "blue hour", "Mini Kawaii!" has experienced with you, Carina. But, as you have mentioned it is time for her to move on. Where she will be headed next, will be anyone's guess. Thank you again for being such a wonderful host to her (I'm sure the wintery weather did make her feel right at home with you as she is from Canada after all!)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

One Year Ago Today...

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! started on her grand adventure traveling the world via the postal system!
Happy Birthday, Kitty Kawaii!
And, a big thanks to all the mail artists who have taken
part and hosted her in her big adventure!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Hello! We're Back!!

Yes, I know the last posting was September 12th, but now we're back with some more adventures from your favorite Undead Kats. From Finland:

"I'm (ZMK) still here stuck in Finland, waiting for a new adventure, but it has always been raining or the host is sooo busy.."
Rain, Rain, Go Away...
...Come Again Another Day...Pphhtt!
No worries, as rain would probably put quite a damper on the adventures and it makes Zombie Mini Kawaii! quite soggy in any case... being cardboard and all...

Now from Wales, where Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (Mark 2) has had the good fortune to visit Cardiff:

"Hi guys. ZKK2 here, still in Wales with Sarah! I've been keeping my head low lately, as Sarah's been busy working, but now I can share some photos with you of our trip into Cardiff a couple of weeks ago.
I went with Sarah to post some mail art and letters in this Golden postbox opposite Cardiff Castle, painted gold to celebrate cyclist Geraint Thomas's Gold Medal in the London 2012 Olympics."
"After some shopping and zombie-robins for dinner, we went down to Cardiff Bay for a surprise..."
"The TARDIS! I couldn't climb up that high, which is lucky for them. Think of all the mischief I could have done! Thppt! Boring.

 "To make it up to me, Sarah took me into the museum to have a look at some of the other monsters. I think it's about time The Doctor met some Zombie Kitties, don't you?!"

"Those Daleks have nothing on me and my flies. They don't even have claws! Not scary! Tthppt!"
 I think it would be completely awesome if The Doctor had a Zombie Kitty Kawaii! companion! She could come back again and again, just like the immortal Captain Jack Harkness, except her limbs would have to be swept up after each adventure...and the trail of flies...well, maybe not...

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Zombie Mini Kawaii! In The Studio!

Zombie Mini Kawaii! in the house and in the studio! Carina's studio in Finland to be exact. How lucky we are to get a peek into this wonderful artist's studio with the help of Mini Kawaii!:

Hello friends - greetings from ZMK!  It has unfortunately been a busy time for me and we haven't been around so much. ZMK has been patient with me, although a bit confused by all work...
Here are some photos from my studio:
Zombie Mini Kawaii! and Carina
Making new friends.
Thank you Carina. I'm sure ZMK doesn't mind hanging around your studio, it's probably a good rest for her and she looks pretty at home there. 

By the way, dear readers,  you can check out some of the mail art I have been blessed enough to receive from Carina here. And now that I'm thinking (yes, I do have these flashes once in a while.) about it, I may post links to the artists who have been involved in the project as their work is inspiring and wonderful to look at.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! 2: A Lesson (Or Two) In Welsh Culture!

 Yes. That's right. She may be a Zombie KAT, but here she is immersing herself in Welsh Culture with the help of her host, Sarah! I implore those reading today's blog to check out the links that Sarah has provided as they are most interesting. The one about the "Love Spoons" is particularly fascinating and the spoons are incredible to behold. Now, without any further ado:

Yesterday, I took ZKK2 along to St Fagans, Wales' National History Museum, where a food festival was held in the sun. Actual sun! Not enough to need a sun hat, but no umbrellas were needed either.
We all ate a lot of food, drank a lot of samples and enjoyed the scenery. ZKK2 found a Victorian postbox to climb...
 ... and a traditional British Telephone Box.
Lastly, here she is outside Wales' Smallest Post Office , built in 1936, and moved (brick-by-brick-) to the site in 1992.
 It was a long day, and ZKK2 learned all about the Welsh heritage, including our traditional costumescustomslove spoons and lots of other things! Maybe I'll have to teach her some Welsh, too.

Love Spoons

 That was a most interesting adventure that you and Kitty Kawaii! went on. The Victorian Post box is simply incredible! Actually, all those photos are pretty incredible! Just make sure that ZKK2 stays away from those Blue Police Boxes though as we wouldn't want her to disappear unexpectedly like her predecessor...

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! At Jammy Custard Studios In Wales!

As promised, here is part two of today's postings, where our Welsh correspondent, Sarah, takes ZKK2 to work with her at Jammy Custard Studios. But, I will let ZKK2 tell you all about it:

"Hi guys, ZKK2 here! I've finally recovered from my hangover, and have been enjoying myself here in Wales. It's a bit colder than I've been used to lately, but it hasn't rained much yet - Sarah tells me it rains a lot here!
Since I dragged myself out of my bed, I've been helping Sarah with her 'work' at the Jammy Custard Studios. It's a really fun place where I get to play with Lego all day..."
 "... and look at Sarah's collection of mail art that covers the wall above her desk. I think she must be the boss... otherwise I'm not sure how she gets away with it. The other guys seem to like looking at the new mailart she puts up every day, though, so it must be allowed. Sarah seems to like Wonder Woman a lot too, because she paints lots of pictures and has mugs, books and posters all over the place!"
"That's all for now folks. I'm off to play with the ninjas until lunchtime."
That is some cool adventure Kitty Kawaii! It sounds as if you had an awesome time hanging at Jammy Custard Studios! I love the Wonder Woman painting you shared with us and as a special treat in yours and Sarah's honor, here is the Wonder Woman theme song:

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! Arrival In Beautiful Wales!

 Over the weekend, Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (Mark 2) arrived at her new host, Sarah Churchill, in Wales. As Monday in Canada was a holiday long weekend and yesterday was day 1 of school for the Boychild ( always a bit of chaos!) , I am only getting down to posting the latest ZKK2 news to you now...

"ZKK2 and I celebrated her arrival on Thursday with a few pints down the pub. She overdid it a little, though, not being able to take her ale as well as she's hoped. May be something to do with her lack of digestion...? She's been having a quiet weekend to recover, but her adventures will start soon."

 That frosty pint certainly looks pretty good to me right now...I  probably could have used one at days end yesterday! I have to warn you, Sarah, that as much as Kitty Kawaii! loves her pints and Ouzo, her lack of a digestive system might create some misunderstandings, especially in carpeted areas (Beer puddles can be embarrassing!). Oops.
Anyway, Kitty fans, there will be a second posting later today! Stay tuned!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Passport Received! ZKK2 Is On Her Way!

After a sunny couple of weeks spent with Katerina N. in Greece, it is now time for Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (Mark 2) to finally depart. Photos and commentary by Katerina N., our Thessaloniki correspondent:

Yay! Zombie Kitty Kawaii2 got her passport in today's mail! Thank you, Mail Art Martha. We went and had her visa stamped and now she is off to Wales, UK, to visit with Sarah Churchill!

The Greek page has "European Union" in all the languages of the European Union...also the Greek/ Hellenic Republic!
The middle fold of the visa pages has the Parthenon, naturally :-)
All stamped and ready to gooooo...
Zombie Kitty packed her T-shirts from Canada and London and Greece.
She has her straw hat (is there sun in Wales???)
And her London Olympic gold medal all in a gold bag from Martha.
She is on her way to Wales, as of 12 noon today! KALO TAXIDI!

Well, I'm sure there is sun in Wales and who knows? Kitty Kawaii! (Mark 2) might start a whole new fashion in straw hats. She has become, after all, quite the fashionista.  It will be such a sight to see her trotting up the high street in her straw hat and t-shirt with her Gold Olympic medal swinging to and fro. Oh! What a sight that will be!
Anyway, Katerina, thanks again for "hosting" for the second time and for alerting us to her passport situation. I know that can be very stressful indeed. But,  I am glad you both enjoyed each others company so much. Now, on to Wales...

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (Mark2): Leading A Charmed Life In Greece!

After all the misadventures of losing passports and getting 3rd degree sunburns, it looks as if Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (Mark 2) is finally settling down and enjoying some relaxation in beautiful Greece with her host, Katerina N...

What nice charms! Zombie Kitty is soooo charming!
Now her rash is all cleared up and we made a short visit
in the late afternoon, out to the seaside shack. She liked the nice breeze
and sitting out on the swing:

Also, wanted to sit in the shade of the olive tree...

...and smell the flowers!

She has been a good Zombie Kitty,
and helped me unpack two mailings from Erni.
 Luckily, there was NO cheese in the box!
I think she just loves the Haptic Werewolf!

Zombie Kitty Kawaii2 out at the marble seaside shack :-)

 Katerina, I am so glad to see you both having such a relaxing adventure, as well as ZKK2 looking so fit and unburnt. We know this KAT loves to participate in mail art activities and I'm glad she was such a great help to you. But, it was probably good that there was no cheese in the package or who knows what could have happened!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Most Charming Mail Art...

...from our Huntsville, Alabama Correspondent, Stephanie Blake...

 You are probably wondering why I've included this lovely mail art on the Zombie Kitty Kawaii! blog and not my other blog (my iPod is my sketchbook), but there is a good reason for this. At first glance, one might say to one's self, "how can this be ZKK mail art even though the artist was one of the official hosts? It's not even addressed to Zombie Kitty Kawaii!"

Well, if one only takes a closer look at all the "charms" within, one will spy...
...Zombie Mini Kawaii! among all the fabulous charms and that is why I decided to include it on this blog. Thank you, Stephanie, for the wonderfun mail art!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Burnt Again!

When will these KATs learn? Never, it seems as the sun seems to call them and, well, I'll let Katerina, our Thessaloniki correspondent, tell all:

Zombie Kitty gets BURNT, again...
this time by the Greek sun:

I warned her not to sit too many hours out on that lounge chair,
and not to swim in the sea at noontime,
but did she listen? Not!
Well, she developed a sun rash, and looks like a tomato (like me).

Luckily, I have many creams, and sprays, and antihistamine pills from the doc, 
so ZKK2 should be in good shape to travel by the time her passport arrives.
Not a problem, Martha, you see Zombie Kitty has to stay indoors for a few more days anyway...

And if she does want to go outdoors, she now has a straw hat to protect her from the sun!

That is one great hat, Katerina and should keep Kitty Kawaii! nice and sun free for the rest of her stay. It probably should go with her on her travels, as you never know when she will end up somewhere where the sun is too strong for her delicate, ever falling off flesh.

Passport update from Retailia: Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (Mark 2)'s passport arrived in Retailia from Canada in record speed (4 days!).  A message sent from Martha I:
 "ZKK's passport is on its way to Greece, posted on Saturday but it left the post office this morning, Monday August 20th, as there is no post on Sundays. I hope there are no more mishaps."
Passport stamp  officiated in the Queendom of Retailia

Monday, 13 August 2012

When A Zombie Kat Loses Their...

... happens, right? We've all lost things of value while traveling at sometime in our lives; passport, luggage, wallet, camera ( I lost one over a cliff once. Very nasty.). But, I will let Katerina tell you all about it:

Oh, dear, poor Zombie Kitty Kawaii2. She was a victim of a robbery, and there is no way that we can track down the thief! Though I sure would like to know WHY someone would steal ZKK2's passport (some illegal immigrant in Greece???) and her Olympic torch?

Zombie Kitty was in a big A4 envelope and inside a nice zip-plastic baggie.
However, you remember how ZKK "slipped" away from Vizma on the beach? Well, the whole nylon zip-baggie with ZKK and her belongings was lost for about 10-15 minutes. It must have slipped out of Vizma's hand that she was also carrying her beach towel. I am thinking that it fell on our way to the umbrellas, for when we arrived at the beach, Vizma didn't have the package with ZKK :-(

Yes, we looked EVERYWHERE! We went back to the car, under the car, back along our steps to the umbrellas ...could it have fallen somewhere in the sand and someone picked it up? Yes...because when I asked the beach-gal when we ordered our drinks if she had seen a "Cardboard Cat"...she said she look around and ask.

As Vizma and I made a second trip back to the car, searching once again along the way and in and out and under the car...then came up to us the beach-gal: "Is this what you are looking for?" And there was Zombie Kitty in the plastic baggie.

We did NOT check to see what is in the baggie, but just took photos of Zombie Kitty at the beach with us. Later, when I had returned home, and looking through the package from Mail Art Martha, did I realize that there is NO passport...and Martha wrote that there should be the Olympic Torch inside, too.

Gone. No passport  and no torch! So sad :-(
Not in the packet that Mail Art Martha sent.
The "gold" bag that Martha made has been torn in half, and that was where the passport was. Who would do such a thing? And then put the rest in the baggie and give it to the beach-gal? Well, we will not find out, but it makes me and Zombie Kitty very sad.

 All is not lost... ZKK2 does have her Gold Medal! And her Canada and London T-shirts...also a torn gold bag.

Her she is with her nice green Canada shirt:

And in her official London Olympics shirt,
 with her Gold Medal! Nice pink and matching beret!

To make Zombie Kitty feel better, I made her a Greek T-shirt (in BLUE, of course) for watching the Olympics. She knows that officially at the Olympics, the Greek team wears "HELLAS"..the name for the Hellenic country of the Hellenes as how the Greeks call themselves (and nothing to do with Hell As$).

Now then, we must ask Louise to please send us a new passport...send it to Greece and we will wait for it before sending ZKK2 on to ...wherever she is going after Greece?

In the meantime...
Zombie Kitty likes to sit and play on the "White Leopard" (MacBook), even though it doesn't have a mouse :-) She likes the BLUE!

 And, she sends her greetings to all here at IUOMA and Zombie Group!

What a sad tale, Katerina! But, do not fear as I have called the passport office here and after explaining the situation they agreed to put a rush on Zombie Kitty Kawaii!2's new passport. The only snag is that for some strange reason it must go through the Queendom of Retailia. But, as ZKK2 is such great pals with Martha I, she should have her passport fairly quickly.

Even Zombie Kats need passports nowadays.