Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! At Jammy Custard Studios In Wales!

As promised, here is part two of today's postings, where our Welsh correspondent, Sarah, takes ZKK2 to work with her at Jammy Custard Studios. But, I will let ZKK2 tell you all about it:

"Hi guys, ZKK2 here! I've finally recovered from my hangover, and have been enjoying myself here in Wales. It's a bit colder than I've been used to lately, but it hasn't rained much yet - Sarah tells me it rains a lot here!
Since I dragged myself out of my bed, I've been helping Sarah with her 'work' at the Jammy Custard Studios. It's a really fun place where I get to play with Lego all day..."
 "... and look at Sarah's collection of mail art that covers the wall above her desk. I think she must be the boss... otherwise I'm not sure how she gets away with it. The other guys seem to like looking at the new mailart she puts up every day, though, so it must be allowed. Sarah seems to like Wonder Woman a lot too, because she paints lots of pictures and has mugs, books and posters all over the place!"
"That's all for now folks. I'm off to play with the ninjas until lunchtime."
That is some cool adventure Kitty Kawaii! It sounds as if you had an awesome time hanging at Jammy Custard Studios! I love the Wonder Woman painting you shared with us and as a special treat in yours and Sarah's honor, here is the Wonder Woman theme song:

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