Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Zombie Mini Kawaii! In The Studio!

Zombie Mini Kawaii! in the house and in the studio! Carina's studio in Finland to be exact. How lucky we are to get a peek into this wonderful artist's studio with the help of Mini Kawaii!:

Hello friends - greetings from ZMK!  It has unfortunately been a busy time for me and we haven't been around so much. ZMK has been patient with me, although a bit confused by all work...
Here are some photos from my studio:
Zombie Mini Kawaii! and Carina
Making new friends.
Thank you Carina. I'm sure ZMK doesn't mind hanging around your studio, it's probably a good rest for her and she looks pretty at home there. 

By the way, dear readers,  you can check out some of the mail art I have been blessed enough to receive from Carina here. And now that I'm thinking (yes, I do have these flashes once in a while.) about it, I may post links to the artists who have been involved in the project as their work is inspiring and wonderful to look at.

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