Monday, 22 October 2012

Hello! We're Back!!

Yes, I know the last posting was September 12th, but now we're back with some more adventures from your favorite Undead Kats. From Finland:

"I'm (ZMK) still here stuck in Finland, waiting for a new adventure, but it has always been raining or the host is sooo busy.."
Rain, Rain, Go Away...
...Come Again Another Day...Pphhtt!
No worries, as rain would probably put quite a damper on the adventures and it makes Zombie Mini Kawaii! quite soggy in any case... being cardboard and all...

Now from Wales, where Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (Mark 2) has had the good fortune to visit Cardiff:

"Hi guys. ZKK2 here, still in Wales with Sarah! I've been keeping my head low lately, as Sarah's been busy working, but now I can share some photos with you of our trip into Cardiff a couple of weeks ago.
I went with Sarah to post some mail art and letters in this Golden postbox opposite Cardiff Castle, painted gold to celebrate cyclist Geraint Thomas's Gold Medal in the London 2012 Olympics."
"After some shopping and zombie-robins for dinner, we went down to Cardiff Bay for a surprise..."
"The TARDIS! I couldn't climb up that high, which is lucky for them. Think of all the mischief I could have done! Thppt! Boring.

 "To make it up to me, Sarah took me into the museum to have a look at some of the other monsters. I think it's about time The Doctor met some Zombie Kitties, don't you?!"

"Those Daleks have nothing on me and my flies. They don't even have claws! Not scary! Tthppt!"
 I think it would be completely awesome if The Doctor had a Zombie Kitty Kawaii! companion! She could come back again and again, just like the immortal Captain Jack Harkness, except her limbs would have to be swept up after each adventure...and the trail of flies...well, maybe not...

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