Sunday, 29 April 2012

She's Alive!!!

 Yes! Zombie Mini Kawaii! is no longer missing in action and seems to be having a most fabulous time in Brazil with Lilian. I received this report from Lilian this morning:

"Mini Kawaii! is alive and so am I....I kept the capybaras away from her :)
(see previous posting.) She has lots of news, actually she decided to join my husband in the triathlon competition Ironman Brazil next month, so she has been very occupied training...although she is not swimming yet...just biking and running...
Now I'll let you know what she was doing meanwhile..."
" ZMK and Bisteca were watching a lot of zombie movies and The Walking Dead, so Bisteca started wondering if it was not dangerous to have a Zombie at home....Maybe ZMK would like to eat her brain???"

" I did not take ZMK to work yet, but she went for a walk in the campus.
She posed in a mosaic wall at the Arts Institute."
(What a gorgeous mosaic wall! I can't blame her for wanting her photo taken there.-Louise)

"Walked around some cactus..."
"...and climbed in an Annatto tree (she has to use a lot of sunscreen, she is very, very white...)"
(She also seems to like to climb trees. A lot!-Louise) 

"That's the annatto seed."

"ZMK also played arround my house trying to know all the things":
"Art material"

"Messy clothes"

"Dogs toys"

"...and as she loves to climb trees: The Jabuticaba tree..."

"...Jabuticaba tree with fruits:"

"Unfortunately, she did not make friends to the dogs living in the backyard, 
Chococat tried to eat her....."

I guess Zombie Mini Kawaii! looked like a pretty tasty morsel to the dog next door. That might (and I put great emphasis on the word "might".) teach her to stay out of Chococat's backyard, lest she become a "zombie doggie treat". (...hmmm...that could make another cartoon...)

Anyway, Lilian, we look forward to her next adventures with you and cannot wait(!) to see her in the "Ironman" competition. After all, if Phat Kat can run a Paris Marathon, there is simply no reason Mini can't do the "Ironman", right?!

Friday, 27 April 2012

Turn Around

Happy Friday ZKK friends! Well, I still have no news or pics yet for you of those lovable KATS. Instead I thought I would share with you a freshly drawn "turn around" (o.k., front-view, side-view). So, why have I actually gone through the trouble of doing this, when usually I just scribble out a drawing? Well, I have been put up to the challenge of making a 3D figurine in the "Animal and Imaginary Sculpture" class I'm taking this spring and thought it would be fun to document it. My plan is to post a photo or two at the end of the class, so you can see it's progression. But, for now, I give you the "Turn Around".

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hey! You!

Yes! You reading this blog and have been following the misadventures of Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (and Maggie's Phat Kat), Zombie Mini Kawaii! and Ether Rabbit (sometime in the future.).
I have only one thing to say to you.
You are AWESOME and thanks for following this blog.
There. I've done it.
Back to our regular scheduled program...

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Piñatas And The Paris Marathon (Again)...

...and now for all of you who have been patient enough to wait for Zombie Kitty Kawaii, Zombie Mini Kawaii and Phat Kat to show themselves...well...they are still MIA. But, fear not because there is another treat for you today!

First off, on the "group" page of this project, ( For those of you who would like to peek at some of the discussions that goes on.) there was some concern that Zombie Mini Kawaii! could be mistaken for a pinata, which conjured up in my mind all sorts of images, such as this one:

Dean's warning: "Do try to keep Mini Kitty away from those Pinata games."
As you can see here, I had to cleanse my soul and put this image to paper. Dean, our Paris and sometimes Canary Islands Correspondent added;
"What's that I hear?  You want a new Zombie Kitty Kawaii & Phat Kat video?"
Of course we do!
So, this blog is proud to present the latest Dean Marks Show video:

Paris Marathon 2012 with Zombie Kitty Kawaii & Phat Kat:
"Hot runners, Hot band, & Hot Kats. Something for everyone!"

Monday, 16 April 2012

Where Are The Little Buggers?

Yes. I know. It's been a whole week without any Zombie Kitty Madness for you, loyal readers. But, one thing you must understand about this project is when I sent both ZKK and ZMK into the world was the minute I had no more control over them.
So, be patient and you will be rewarded, I am sure. Until then:

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Ether Rabbit Again...

...just trying to keep you all entertained until we hear again from Zombie Kitty Kawaii!, Maggie's Phat Kat and Zombie Mini Kawaii!.

So, bursting out of the Zombie Kitty Kawaii! universe, I give thee, as promised, "Ether Rabbit"!

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Mailart Made From What?!!

So, what does one do with the contents of an air sickness bag full of cardboard "Kat" puke?
Watch and see! You will be amazed! You may be inspired!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Au revoir, Paris!

Farewell, Paree! I think our Parisian Correspondent, Dean Marks, says it best with his latest words and video!

" Well, the time has come for Zombie Kitty Kawaii! & Maggie's Phat Kat to leave Paris. But a wave good bye at the post office would not be good enough for these two Kats. They leave Paris in style and with a bang!
     Inspired by "Pete", who drives Louise around, while she checks and replies to e-mails on her phone. So what's in it for him?
    AH ha, you shall see!  OH La La chaud devant..."

"Paris shall miss them!"

And, we shall miss you and your bonne vivante correspondent style too, Dean! Thank you for taking part in this project and keeping us all on the edge of our seats with peels of laughter and with the wonder of what would happen next to our two feline travelers. And, folks, to that we say "adieu, Paris."