Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Piñatas And The Paris Marathon (Again)...

...and now for all of you who have been patient enough to wait for Zombie Kitty Kawaii, Zombie Mini Kawaii and Phat Kat to show themselves...well...they are still MIA. But, fear not because there is another treat for you today!

First off, on the "group" page of this project, ( For those of you who would like to peek at some of the discussions that goes on.) there was some concern that Zombie Mini Kawaii! could be mistaken for a pinata, which conjured up in my mind all sorts of images, such as this one:

Dean's warning: "Do try to keep Mini Kitty away from those Pinata games."
As you can see here, I had to cleanse my soul and put this image to paper. Dean, our Paris and sometimes Canary Islands Correspondent added;
"What's that I hear?  You want a new Zombie Kitty Kawaii & Phat Kat video?"
Of course we do!
So, this blog is proud to present the latest Dean Marks Show video:

Paris Marathon 2012 with Zombie Kitty Kawaii & Phat Kat:
"Hot runners, Hot band, & Hot Kats. Something for everyone!"

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