Sunday, 1 April 2012

Au revoir, Paris!

Farewell, Paree! I think our Parisian Correspondent, Dean Marks, says it best with his latest words and video!

" Well, the time has come for Zombie Kitty Kawaii! & Maggie's Phat Kat to leave Paris. But a wave good bye at the post office would not be good enough for these two Kats. They leave Paris in style and with a bang!
     Inspired by "Pete", who drives Louise around, while she checks and replies to e-mails on her phone. So what's in it for him?
    AH ha, you shall see!  OH La La chaud devant..."

"Paris shall miss them!"

And, we shall miss you and your bonne vivante correspondent style too, Dean! Thank you for taking part in this project and keeping us all on the edge of our seats with peels of laughter and with the wonder of what would happen next to our two feline travelers. And, folks, to that we say "adieu, Paris."


  1. 'cause when we kiss, explosion!! And Dean has yet again used up another one of the cat's lives. Only 7 left now? Anyway, great video, very funny. I wonder what E! will think of all that...

    1. Yes, 7 left and a whole wide world still to explore! Talk about starting to cut it close.