Saturday, 31 March 2012

Mail From Madawg!

Some days, Zombie Kitty Kawaii! actually gets more mail than I do. She received this from Madawg  of Pacific Grove, California on Thursday.

All the goodies for ZKK!

Detail of stamped image on the envelope.
Close up of the DKA Post stamps that were included inside.
Backside of the postcard.

 No, the last image is not posted sideways by accident. I just loved how the young man is looking at the bunny on his clipboard and thought you might too.
Thank you, Madawg, for sending Zombie Kitty Kawaii! such cool mail art. I know she will really enjoy looking at it when she arrives back home from her travels. Lucky for me, as I get to root through her mail until she does actually arrive home.
Something will be arriving in your mailbox shortly.

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