Friday, 2 March 2012

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! Et Dean Dans La Métro... visit to Paris would be complete without a trip on Paris' World Famous Metro! Especially at rush hour! Words and photo by our Paris Correspondent, Dean...

"Yesterday, we took the metro (subway / tube); normally I ride my bike, but it was raining, so I had to take the metro. I don't really like taking the metro because I don't know any people in there. And boy was it packed full of people I didn't know. But, nevertheless, Zombie Kat & I took our chances and went for it. It was so packed that people were touching. I had this lady with her elbow in my back, and I had nowhere to hand on. So, I pulled Zombie Kat out of my bag and started showing it to everyone and telling them about the blog, and all the wonderful places that Zombie Kat had been. People started to move away from me and that made the ride much more enjoyable. Not to mention that a few people gave me coins before the got off at their station.
When we arrived, we came up into the sunshine as the rain had stopped. (It always does that when I don't take my bike.) But wait, what is this?, where are we? Could this be a Cheryl Penn space ship? Maybe, the wise and wonderful Katerina can tell us about this metro entrance?"

In which Katerina, our Thessaloniki Correspondent, replies:

"Been there, done of the weirdest Metro entrances in Paris...I came up it my first visit in Paris, to go to the Louvre, and I thought I was in Disneyland! Where are those quaint Metro stations? (I found them later...)"

She then puts on her Soothsayer Hat, gets out her crystal ball...and Googles:
"Palais Royal – Musée du Louvre"
 Well, Kitty Kawaii! You certainly have made an impression on the transit traveling Parisian! I hope Dean got enough change to buy himself "un café" for his troubles.

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  1. Dean - you're the MAN! But um, no, thats not my spaceship - its got too many holes and I don't have enough blankets to keep warm up there. Unfortunately I cant photograph mine - it get shy and hides :-( - very irritating, but there we go, you know what these mechanical gadgets are like... XXX