Monday, 26 March 2012

Of Canaries, Idols and Carpets Made Of Sand...

...not exactly a place I would risk taking Zombie Kitty Kawaii!, because if my memory serves me well from being a cat owner for many years, most litter boxes were very sand-like and get the idea. Dean, our Canary Islands Correspondent, bravely visited this site:

"In the Spanish town of La Otorava, Tenerife, the festival of Corpus Christi Festival with beautiful themed carpets made from flower petals and colored volcanic sand."
"Do Zombie Kats and birds mix?"
 "Several days before the celebration, local families and even design companies draw the carpets on paper, and on the big day, men and children draw the outline on the streets, while women fill the designs with various flower petals. All the locals get involved in this beautiful celebration and create a truly pleasant atmosphere. "

"However, it does leaves some of the locals a bit stiff in the morning, and I think that bird better watch out!"

" Zombie Kat with all the boxes of the different colors of sand ... at least paint brushes are not required!"

" This is what the whole thing looked like last year."

And, if that wasn't enough for you, we present:

The King Kat of Korpus Khristi 
"As Corpus Christi this year is not until the 7th of June, the place where they normally have the sand carpet was empty ...

... except for a dead palm branch, so Zombie Kat jumped on it and we had our own parade":

 " Let the Zombie Kat parade begin!"

"Those paparazzi are everywhere!"

Well, I was always under the impression that everyone loves a parade. Even if it is a parade of two; Dean and Zombie Kitty Kawaii! But, there don't seem to be many locals about which leads me to believe that maybe they were just not sure what to make of Dean waving a dead palm with a Zombie Kat in it. But, I digress...

...for it's time now for a great new show "Canary Island Idol" featuring Zombie Kitty Kawaii! and our Canary Island Correspondent, Dean:

"Last day on the Canary Islands, and the trip would not be complete unless we visited the World Famous 'Idol of Tara'."
"Don't worry, I had never heard of them either, and I think World Famous means this island only. It's a bit like the World Series of American baseball where they never invite any other country to play."
(Yes, I've always kind of wondered about that myself. Maybe they feel because there is one Canadian baseball team in the American league (The "Toronto Bluejays"), that could constitute it being a World Series. Just a thought. -Louise)

"So, I guess a visit to the Canary Islands would not be complete without seeing a canary, and Zombie Kat has his eye on this one!  But actually, the name Islas Canarias is likely derived from the Latin name Insula Canaria, meaning "Island of the Dogs".  (Sounds less romantic than a bird.)
WOW, maybe an Island of Dogs is not the place for a Kat to be?!! "
 "But don't worry, one speculation is that the so-called dogs were actually a species of Monk Seals  (canis marinus or "sea dog" was a Latin term for 'seal'), now critically endangered and no longer present in the Canary Islands."

" So, after one full week, Zombie Kat  got dressed up to have a new passport photo taken, and applied to be a citizen of the Canary Islands... but the application was refused; they found out that the Kat was made of paper, and there would be just too much paper work!  So back to France we go."

A great ending to a great adventure, Dean, even if Zombie Kitty Kawaii! got her citizen application refused. She does look rather spiffy in the local wear, if I do say so myself. It definitely brings out the colour in her eye. 

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