Monday, 19 March 2012

Leaving On A Jet Plane!

Just when Dean thought he could escape "The Kats", well, it turns out that he really couldn't and here is his story:

"So our trip started with a stop in Madrid, Spain.  I liked the labels they put on our suitcases which said MAD ... but how did they know?  I'm sure we will be seeing those labels someday in Mail Art."
" During our travels, I work on bar code cards, cutting them down to size, etc.  It leaves lots of bits about on the airplanes, and I'm sorry for the airline workers who have to clean them up.  But as we were about to land I noticed that they had all been cleaned up.  "Thanks for cleaning that all up", I said to my wife.  "I didn't clean it up"; she replied."
 ""THE KAT"; we both screamed, but it was too late and the Kat had eaten them all and started being sick, so I grabbed the Kat & a bag just in time."
" But don't worry, I put stamps on the bag and sent it to Canada where it should be arriving shortly."

 Hmmm...I wonder who is going to receive the bag of "cat sick"? That couldn't possibly be? DEAN!!!


  1. Thanks for cleaning that all up :-))))))

    1. Our Dean is a rather neat fellow, that is true. I'm just wondering how my postal person will react to the delivering the "cat sick" to my abode.