Sunday, 25 March 2012

Meanwhile...In The Canary Islands...

So, we're back to the Canary Island adventures with Dean and Zombie Kitty Kawaii! Yes. I know this is running a bit out of order, but how else would we keep you interested, right? Photos and commentary by our Canary Island correspondent (formally, our Paris correspondent), Dean M.:

"Well, as you will remember, we are still in the Canary Islands and today we had some serious tourist work to be done."
" So we headed to a major site called the House of Balconies in the hilly town of La Orotava, on the island of Tenerife (One of the Canary islands)."
" Water stop in the heat of the afternoon, and the ladies have finished repairing Zombie Kat and are now back to making Spanish lace."
(Very kind of them to take the time out to repair Kitty Kawaii! She is certainly looking much more chipper-Louise)

"Zombie Kat making friends with some of the locals."

"Balconies everywhere, on the outside, on the inside, and on some of the shop keepers... "

"...and, as they say in the Canary Islands, where there are grapes ..."

"...there is wine.  But I think they say that everywhere. "

"But they also say, where there is smokes ..."

...there must be hot stuff !  But the fire exhauster is ready this time. 
Also, I guess they don't call this place the house of balconies for nothing! "

"I'm not sure where his paw is resting, but the doll on the left has a worried look on her face.  Well, that concludes today's visit, and the shop keepers can now relax as I have left the store!"

 What another thoroughly exciting adventure. I guess the shop keepers were just glad that Zombie Kitty Kawaii! didn't spontaneously combust in their store. The "black rocks" story and video must have made the rounds pretty quickly for them to have been so prepared for her visit.

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