Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The "Kat" And The Canary Islands...

Ahhh! So that's the mystery adventure Dean had been referring to; an adventure to the Canary Islands! It's a good thing that Zombie Kitty Kawaii!'s passport is all in order. Photos and commentary by our Paris ( Now the Canary Islands correspondent), Dean:

"Today we set out for a nice little walk, and Kat is happy to join us.  But little did Kat know that the walk would be up hill!"
 "Blue sky, nice path, but still a long way up to the ridge.  So far Kat is happy."

"Half way to the top, we stop for a rest in the shade, which turned out to be a sticky situation!  Kat is a little less happy."

"Nearly to the top of the ridge and we turned around and the kat had dropped flat as a pancake.  "Come on", I said, "Just a little bit more"  Kat is "Hap" without the "py"."

" It was a tough climb, but in the end the view of the Volcano Mount Teide was worth it.  Kat slept the rest of the day and did not join us for night clubbing."

" Hard day walking, but tomorrow we'll be at the Black sand beaches."

It looks as if Zombie Kitty Kawaii! was a real good sport about that long hike, Dean. I noticed she lost a bit of her tail, but that's to be expected from her. She's always losing bits and pieces of herself, being a Zombie Kitty and all.  She will probably enjoy her time hanging out on the beach; I did mention that she's not a particularly good swimmer, right?

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