Monday, 12 March 2012

Zombie Mini Kawaii! Another Day At The Sheep Station...

It looks as if Zombie Mini Kawaii! has mostly recovered from her misadventures yesterday. She looks to be in fine form once again, for a zombie kitty that is. These photos arrived this morning from our Waitpinga, SA correspondent, Vizma:
"Here's Mini with the rainwater overflow gargoyle. A functional Georgia O'Keefe!"

*"Pinka help!" Mini having some trouble with an electric fence!
(Good thing Pinka is there to keep Mini Kawaii! out of too much trouble.-Louise)

With Tess, the farm worker!

"Sitting pretty..."

But, just when it looked as though Mini Kawaii! was going to have a perfectly normal day in Waitpinga:

"...And not so pretty. I thought this was the Aurora Australis, but it turned out to be MZKK playing with matches!!! So naughty!!"

Oooo! That does look a bit painful. Poor Mini! I guess she'll be spending a few days in your freezer again, Vizma, before she even has another adventure...

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