Sunday, 11 March 2012

Zombie Mini Kawaii! And The Big Bad Hole...

Zombie Mini Kawaii!, it has been reported, had a run in with a coffee pot, a few days ago. Vizma, our Correspondent from Down Under reports:
 " As instructed, Louise, I dropped everything to read the blog and now Mini ZKK has been badly scalded with boiling coffee burns. I explained that it was sort of your fault, to comfort her a bit, but she's just writhing away murmuring "Louitttttthhpt, I'm meltinnngthhhhhh!"

Oops. Never thought it would come to that. Mini Kawaii! is a bit of a drama queen sometimes...but, there's more: 
"Mini ZKK went missing for a few days after the coffee incident, most probably to cool down. I found her lodged in a crack in the ground, poor thing. To make her feel better we walked around the farm taking some final snapshots of her visit."
Lodged in a hole. Poor Mini!
But in the end, it looks as if all went well as Zombie Mini Kawaii! makes a new friend with a former Georgia O'Keefe still life! Pretty cool, ZMK!

Making friends.

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