Friday, 23 March 2012

She's Alive! Really!

After getting over the shock of the video, Dean has sent us proof that Zombie Kitty Kawaii! is in fact still among us intact. As he writes:

"So where is Zombie Kat today?  Well here he is looking all fresh and new, but a long way from home."
But our Correspondents from Port Washington (Angie) and Thessaloniki (Katerina) are not convinced by a mere photograph. Katerina writes: "Where is Zombie Kitty Kawaii!? I want photo proof of her existence back in Paris." And, as Angie points out: "Dean, will you please post a pic of ZKK near a current calendar or bank sign with the current date and time or a pic that provides some assurance that she is indeed not burned to a crisp? I'm feeling ... anxious."

Alas, Dean provides more proof of Zombie Kitty Kawaii!'s existence:

"Here she is, this is today. She is being put back together at the Humpty Dumpty Paper Mache factory."
"They say that they are nearly finished and the Kat will be as good as new, except for a few ashes here and there which they can cover up with blush and lipstick.  I will be able to pick up the Kat tomorrow morning just in time for the Friday night fireworks!"
  Fireworks, huh? I'm sure Kitty Kawaii! will love that, after her experience on the Hot Rocks of the Canary Islands. At least, those ladies at the Humpty Dumpty Paper Mache factory look as if they know what they're doing. After all, what are a few more stitches on Kitty Kawaii! anyway? 

Rebirth for Zombie Kitty Kawaii! indeed!

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