Monday, 19 March 2012

Zombie Mini Kawaii! Says Farewell to Waitpinga, Australia!

"Mini Kawaii!", as we know, certainly loves a party, especially when that party involves burning stuff! Photos and commentary by our Waitpinga Correspondent, Vizma Bruns:

"The t-shirt I wore for Mini's last day....which started like this."

 "An innocent farewell BBQ at a friend's house and somehow Mini ZKK got involved, playing with matches again.
She disappeared for some time and only showed herself when the flames were under control and the burnt meat had cooled down."
(That is quite the flame there! Ummmm... I never realized that she was such a pyromaniac. Maybe she's the former pet of Guy Fawkes...I'll have to ask her about it next time. -Louise)

 "Quite a relief that the onus is on Lilian Mariutti to take care of MZKK now!! My work is done!!! Good luck Lilian!! ;-)"

That must have been some send off for  "Mini Kawaii!" I have to admit, her fur (or what's left of it) is looking a bit singed. Hopefully, she will stay away from the matches while she visits Lilian in Brazil! Get ready, Lilian! Hide your matches, lighters and good bottles of wine. Zombie Mini Kawaii! is on her way to you! 

Thank you, once again, Vizma, for being such a great host to Zombie Mini Kawaii! and for all the great photos and antics you provided for this blog.

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