Thursday, 1 March 2012

Scary Urban Adventure...

...where Zombie Kitty Kawaii! and our Paris Correspondent, Dean, drag PhatKat into deepest, darkest, Paris:

"Well, as we are on the subject of urban art, we took a walk into unknown places of Paris that tourist never go ... or come back if they do go there!"

" I must admit that doing art work on this scale must take some talent.  However, I can not help but thinking of an old woman getting up in the morning, and looking out her window, (the same window she looked out of for the past 80 years, and seeing this.  I just don't see the point. Besides, you can't mail the thing to anyone! "
(Not unless you jackhammer it off the wall and send pieces of it. That could work.-Louise)
 " However, I do see very deep meaning in this art work and it pushes my mind to daydream:  There I am, on top of the roof with nothing but a roller brush and a bucket of white paint in my hands!"
Well, it does look like you made it back safe and sound (otherwise, this post would have read differently.). And, neither Zombie Kitty Kawaii! nor PhatKat look too, too, traumatized from the adventure. They may even be inspired enough to do a "Banksy" and leave their own paw prints on Paris.

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