Thursday, 28 June 2012

Zombie Mini Kawaii! Spotted In Alabama!

Yes. Yes. I know you were all wondering where that rascally little Zombie Kat, Zombie Mini Kawaii! had disappeared to. Well, she has turned up in Alabama as a guest of Mail Artist, Stephanie. Here is Stephanie's account of the visit so far:

"Well, let me say, Zombie Mini Kawaii! is a joy (as long as you don't mind the flies that seem to trail her).  Our adventures have just begun.  We started with dinner and wine.  I've kindly asked ZMK to join us on a trip to St. Augustine, Florida next week before she prepares to leave on her next adventure with someone new.  But, in the meantime, we are going to see where life takes the two of us and I'll be sure to report in as often as possible.  Until then..."

How fabulous! I'm sure that Mini Kawaii! will love to join you on your trip. She is, after all, very familiar with hot weather and beaches. Just make sure she puts on her sunscreen or you may have a lobster coloured KAT on your hands ( see Zombie Mini Kawaii! at Maslin Beach!) . Thankfully, she is rather easy to fit inside a suitcase. I wish I could give you some advice about the trail of flies, but at least you will know where she is at all times. Have fun!!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ether Rabbit Lands In Seattle!!!

Another creature has been sent out into this world via the Canadian Postal System. Mwahahahaha!!! This time it's to the very cool Seattle, Washington where our host is Poison Label Production's Ash.  Fortunately, Ether Rabbit is very waterproofed (meaning that Louise has found her long lost laminating machine.) and therefore can enjoy Seattle to the fullest extent. But, enough of my blathering. Photos and commentary by our newest correspondent, Ash:

 ER arrived in Seattle....
after getting over some serious Canadian jet lag, he/she decided to enter the land of the living - well, re-animated anyway."

ER managed to send me a text message ...
(Yes - even Ima Zombie has a smart phone! Ima famous you know!) ;-)

I picked up ER & hooked him/her up with Dead Chick & R. Finklestein, because there are days even a re-animated corpse of magnanimous proportions like me must go to work....
(I swear i am gonna eat the brains of my living co-workers one of these days!!!)

New friends for Ether Rabbit.

Sooner rather than later, in true Seattle style, Beers were to be had...
So we all went out onto the back porch for a little relaxation.

Sharing a pint? Yum!

We do like to welcome guests with plenty beer, so I hope ER's mushy brain can handle it!
We have some functions to attend - so we will be building ER tolerances over the next week or so...big things are happening in the zombie arena in Seattle soon so - gotta be prepared!

I think we may have to keep a close eye on ER during some private events or something crazy might happen!

Wow! That's a great pic of Ether Rabbit and his new friends. He certainly looks at home. So, did they share that luscious dark pint or did Ether drink it all to himself? He is, after all, kind of a relation to Zombie Mini Kawaii! Party animals the pair of them.

Looking forward to Ether's many adventures in Seattle!

Monday, 25 June 2012

Postcard From The "London Mail Art Meetup."

There are times where I do envy Zombie Kitty Kawaii! and this is certainly one of those times. How lucky she is to be part of the "London Mail Art Meetup" which included her Retailian Hostess, Mail Art Martha (Martha I), AndyTgeezer, ElenaTgeezer, stripygoose, and former Parisian host, Dean Marks (and his bicycle). Here is the wonderful mail art I received on Friday:

Yes. Those are real salt and pepper packets.

Thanks to all of you for sending this wonderful card from your meetup. It was really thoughtful. Safe to say that ZKK and I are big fans of all of you as well.
(Now, if I keep this up, I will be weeping tears of joy again into my computer keyboard and it might, I better end this post right here.).

Monday, 18 June 2012

Ether Rabbit On The Run...

...and so, on a request, I'm sending another creature out into the World. Well,  off to the West Coast anyway...

* for excellent chiropractic services...

Adios, Ether Rabbit!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Retailia! Retailia! How Do I Love Thee... which Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (Mark2) gets a visit from some dear old friends and becomes part of an art and ZKK's interpreter by HRH* Martha I:
(*Her Retalian Highness)

"Dean came to Retailia on Thursday to visit and we ate out in a typical Retailian restaurant. I got worried when Dean put pepper and salt on my head."

"I was right to be worried, he tried to eat me!"

"The next day, I helped with Mail Art making. Licking stamps and sticking them in envelopes."

"Meanwhile, to keep him out of trouble, we gave Dean a pair of scissors, a glue stick and the rubbish bin full of discarded bits and pieces. He was happy for hours…and I was safe!"

"On Saturday, we went to a big art gallery. It was odd; it didn’t have wheels. It was a cold day, so I traveled in the Shopping Bag Gallery. This is me by the river."

"There was a statue of a zombie human. They like us zombies here."

" In the gallery, I became part of an installation. My five minutes of fame!"

"Then I met Andy Geezer, a very nice chap; he laughed at all my jokes."

"It was all great fun but very tiring, I shall take it easier now and enjoy the holiday."

-Big thppts from ZKK

Ye gawds Kitty Kawaii! I certainly am envious of such a great adventure! It's not every day that one gets to hang out with both the Marquis de Bananas and the King of the "Real Wall"!  You certainly are lucky to have HRH Martha I as your guide in Retailia. In fact, I think I may book my next holiday there, when I can escape this cell, I mean, get away from Etobicoke. 
Until then, Happy Trails to all of you!

Friday, 15 June 2012

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! Mail Art Roundup

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! loves to receive your cards and letters. Here are a few of the latest that we would like to share with you, our loyal readers:

From Svenja Wahl of Heidelberg, Germany:

I have to say, Svenja, those two look like they've seen a Zombie... or possible a Zombie Kitty! Thanks for the mail art. I know Zombie Kitty Kawaii! will enjoy it very much.

From Amy Irwen

Well, Amy, participation has been fantastic and it's all because of you who read this blog, send ZKK mail, comment on the blog and offer to host her (and ZMK) into your homes and show off your cities, towns and villages. For that, I am forever grateful.

Now the big surprise! The "Secret File" as sent to me from our very own Waitpinga, SA correspondent, Vizma Bruns, who is currently on her very own world tour. I admit, this was sent to me waaaaaaay back in April, so I apologize for the delay in posting it:

The "Secret" Files
Boekie One:
Front of Boekie One

"Secret" Insides

Back of Boekie One
Boekie Two:
I guess the "Secret Files" on Zombie Mini Kawaii! are no longer a secret...but, I figured you would all enjoy Vizma's creativity and sharp sense of humor. 
Thanks to all of you again for sending Zombie Kitty Kawaii! such wonderful mail art.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Zombie Kitty Kawaii!: "My Adventures with Queen Martha and Prince John of Retailia"

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! goes on an outing with Queen Martha I and Prince John, who show her the wonders of some of Retailia's finest gardens. Photos and commentary by Queen Martha I and ZKK (Mark 2):

"Well, I missed the Italian meal as I could not wake up when I finally got to sleep. To make up for it , the Queen and prince John took me to visit Wakehurst, a manor house with huge gardens in the Retailian countryside."

"At certain point, I realized that to stay undead I needed to keep an  eye, easy for me, on John's driving."

"I enjoyed the gardens
I was getting peckish, so when a duck crossed our path, I had to be restrained."

"We did have a good meal though.
After lunch, I did a spot of tree climbing."

"I also found a tiny garden just my size, how thoughtful. And the plant in front of me was called bloody crane's bill. Which opened my appetite again. "

Tea Time in Retailia.
 "On the way back, we stopped so I could have a snap taken with the image of the Queen, the other one, who celebrated her diamond Jubilee last weekend. I missed it by a whisker, unfortunately. Apparently, Dean, Le Marquis De Banana, attended the ceremonies. He is a friend of mine too, as I met him in Paris, France."
What a fantastic first royal adventure in Retailia, Kitty Kawaii! I love your matching hat and scarf, it is, how they say, "très chic"! I'm sorry to hear that you missed your dear friend, Dean, Le Marquis De Banana, but there were a lot of fireworks, I believe, so maybe in hindsight...well...

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Breaking News! ZKK (Mark2) Has Arrived In Retailia!

After an uneventful trip, due to the diligence of Canada Post, Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (Mark 2) has finally made it to Retailia. Says Martha I, our newest correspondent:

"ZKK has arrived, thanks to the letter of introduction and the passport in order there was no problem with immigration. She had to be scanned though, in case she was a zombie terrorist but all was well. Despite being quite jet-lagged, she had to snoop around my art things, but now she is lying in her bed trying to sleep, still with her eye open, a bit too excited to relax. We are just as excited and will celebrate with a nice meal in an Italian restaurant this evening."

Snooping Around.
Sleeping with one eye open, as always...
We're all glad that she's made it to you safely and that she wasn't mistaken for a Zombie terrorist. A Zombie terror maybe...but in any case, we look forward to tonight's celebrations!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Zombie Mini Kawaii! in The IronMan Competition!

Yes, you read it correctly! Our wee Zombie Kat decided to attempt the IronMan Competition in Florianópoli, Brazil last week. She did rather well, apparently. Photos, video (Yes! Video!) and commentary by Lilian Mariutti:

Everything read! ZMK and the Capibara are going to Florianópolis together!

 She behaved very well during the flight, despite the delay of almost 2 hours....

Recognizing the area....
...the view from the apartment...

...interesting mail boxes...

...a garden decoration...

Next day (Thursday):
Swim training...the worst part for Zombie Mini Kawaii!

Going to the beach!
 Posing in front of the "restinga"

The Athletes area.
 Ready to swim!!!!! Well.... was a little bit, she decided just to observe.....

...the nice beach....full of tasty brains....

*OH!!!! Sand!!!! Help!!!!!!!

...then....a little jogging with her new BFF: the Capibara!

And both wanted to catch the black bird!

24 hours of boring rain..., we just went to get the athletes kit...
Preparing the bike!

Bike check in.

The Transition area.

As always....I am never able to take pictures in the great day :)
After long 12:32h....
Zombie Mini Kawaii! was declared:

Crossing the finish line:
We are the ones after the big family in orange t-shirts. My husband is with a blue triathlon uniform, and I am the one in a white t-shirt!
Here is the link to the video:

But, where was Zombie Mini Kawaii!? She was celebrating her victory of course!!
So, there you have it Zombie Kat fans! Who would have ever thought that a cardboard Kat could ever become an IronMan (or Ironzombie) contender? And with this, we thank our beloved host, Lilian, for such great adventures in Brazil and ending with such a great big finish worthy of any IronMan (or IronZombie, for that matter.)!