Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Ether Rabbit Lands In Seattle!!!

Another creature has been sent out into this world via the Canadian Postal System. Mwahahahaha!!! This time it's to the very cool Seattle, Washington where our host is Poison Label Production's Ash.  Fortunately, Ether Rabbit is very waterproofed (meaning that Louise has found her long lost laminating machine.) and therefore can enjoy Seattle to the fullest extent. But, enough of my blathering. Photos and commentary by our newest correspondent, Ash:

 ER arrived in Seattle....
after getting over some serious Canadian jet lag, he/she decided to enter the land of the living - well, re-animated anyway."

ER managed to send me a text message ...
(Yes - even Ima Zombie has a smart phone! Ima famous you know!) ;-)

I picked up ER & hooked him/her up with Dead Chick & R. Finklestein, because there are days even a re-animated corpse of magnanimous proportions like me must go to work....
(I swear i am gonna eat the brains of my living co-workers one of these days!!!)

New friends for Ether Rabbit.

Sooner rather than later, in true Seattle style, Beers were to be had...
So we all went out onto the back porch for a little relaxation.

Sharing a pint? Yum!

We do like to welcome guests with plenty beer, so I hope ER's mushy brain can handle it!
We have some functions to attend - so we will be building ER tolerances over the next week or so...big things are happening in the zombie arena in Seattle soon so - gotta be prepared!

I think we may have to keep a close eye on ER during some private events or something crazy might happen!

Wow! That's a great pic of Ether Rabbit and his new friends. He certainly looks at home. So, did they share that luscious dark pint or did Ether drink it all to himself? He is, after all, kind of a relation to Zombie Mini Kawaii! Party animals the pair of them.

Looking forward to Ether's many adventures in Seattle!

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