Monday, 11 June 2012

Zombie Kitty Kawaii!: "My Adventures with Queen Martha and Prince John of Retailia"

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! goes on an outing with Queen Martha I and Prince John, who show her the wonders of some of Retailia's finest gardens. Photos and commentary by Queen Martha I and ZKK (Mark 2):

"Well, I missed the Italian meal as I could not wake up when I finally got to sleep. To make up for it , the Queen and prince John took me to visit Wakehurst, a manor house with huge gardens in the Retailian countryside."

"At certain point, I realized that to stay undead I needed to keep an  eye, easy for me, on John's driving."

"I enjoyed the gardens
I was getting peckish, so when a duck crossed our path, I had to be restrained."

"We did have a good meal though.
After lunch, I did a spot of tree climbing."

"I also found a tiny garden just my size, how thoughtful. And the plant in front of me was called bloody crane's bill. Which opened my appetite again. "

Tea Time in Retailia.
 "On the way back, we stopped so I could have a snap taken with the image of the Queen, the other one, who celebrated her diamond Jubilee last weekend. I missed it by a whisker, unfortunately. Apparently, Dean, Le Marquis De Banana, attended the ceremonies. He is a friend of mine too, as I met him in Paris, France."
What a fantastic first royal adventure in Retailia, Kitty Kawaii! I love your matching hat and scarf, it is, how they say, "très chic"! I'm sorry to hear that you missed your dear friend, Dean, Le Marquis De Banana, but there were a lot of fireworks, I believe, so maybe in hindsight...well...

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