Thursday, 28 June 2012

Zombie Mini Kawaii! Spotted In Alabama!

Yes. Yes. I know you were all wondering where that rascally little Zombie Kat, Zombie Mini Kawaii! had disappeared to. Well, she has turned up in Alabama as a guest of Mail Artist, Stephanie. Here is Stephanie's account of the visit so far:

"Well, let me say, Zombie Mini Kawaii! is a joy (as long as you don't mind the flies that seem to trail her).  Our adventures have just begun.  We started with dinner and wine.  I've kindly asked ZMK to join us on a trip to St. Augustine, Florida next week before she prepares to leave on her next adventure with someone new.  But, in the meantime, we are going to see where life takes the two of us and I'll be sure to report in as often as possible.  Until then..."

How fabulous! I'm sure that Mini Kawaii! will love to join you on your trip. She is, after all, very familiar with hot weather and beaches. Just make sure she puts on her sunscreen or you may have a lobster coloured KAT on your hands ( see Zombie Mini Kawaii! at Maslin Beach!) . Thankfully, she is rather easy to fit inside a suitcase. I wish I could give you some advice about the trail of flies, but at least you will know where she is at all times. Have fun!!

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