Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Life's A Beach With Zombie Mini Kawaii!

As we know, Zombie Mini Kawaii! is no stranger to beach life. Just check out her previous adventures in Brazil and Australia and you will see what I mean. This time, she has the opportunity to take a road trip through the southern U.S. to visit Florida. Photos and commentary by our Alabamian correspondent, Stephanie!

So here we are on the interstate leaving Huntsville, Alabama 
on our way to St. Augustine, Florida...

And here we are visiting Ana from IUOMA as we vacation in St. Augustine.  
It was great to meet up Ana!!
( I have to say, those "KATS" are so incredibly lucky to be able to meet up with so many cool mail artists. I think, as my next project, I may try an mail myself around the world. It could work. It could.

And here we are on the Beach. 

And here ZMK went splat on the surfboard. 
 I guess surfing isn't her thing.

The other issue with Mini Kawaii! surfing, I guess, would be that her "tummy worms" might attract sharks or some other  really nasty fish. Not a good thing for her or everyone else on the beach. I see that she has wised up and has worn her sunscreen though.

As always, we look forward to more of Zombie Mini Kawaii!'s adventures with you, Stephanie! We know they will be the stuff of legends!

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