Monday, 9 July 2012

Zombie Mini Kawaii! More Adventures In Florida...

...and a Big Scaly Monster...
Well, nobody can say that Zombie Mini Kawaii!'s adventures are anything less then exciting! Our Alabamian Correspondent, Stephanie B., reports that Mini Kawaii! has been making friends wherever she goes:

"On our last leg of the journey in St. Augustine, Florida, ZMK and I came across this alligator.  She just had to pose with her new found friend.  Admittedly, I was nervous but ZMK assured me all is well.  Uh... how many lives does this kitty have left anyway?!"

"Hmm... maybe since she is already a Zombie, she has endless lives???  ZMK seems a bit touchy on this subject, so I didn't press her. "

Probably not a bad idea to leave sleeping zombie KATS lie on that matter, Stephanie. Even though she's the "little Zombie Kat" with no fear or no wits (your choice how you want to answer this one), she is a tad on the sensitive side about her life expectancy. Not that that has stopped her from doing things like...uh...making friends with an alligator.

Anyway, wishing you both a safe back to Alabama and looking forward to hearing about some more excellent  roadtripping adventures!

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