Saturday, 14 July 2012

An Update from Retailia...

 A few days ago, I had received this update from Retailia sent by Martha I. I was so broken up by the sentiment that I just couldn't manage to blog it until today. This Kat-astrophe has sent shock waves through the Queendom of Retailia:

"Thank you for the messages of sympathy on the demise of the SGT. This happened once before but it came back. This time it will not be possible. It totally burnt out and I scattered the ashes to the four corners; what was left on the pavement was licked up by my neighbour’s cat, Charlie. I haven’t seen Charlie since then.
Today Zombie Kitty Kawaii! laid a flower on the site of the catastrophe."

"There is nothing else to do now. We must move on.
I will retire to my woodland cabin in the depths of Cloudcuckooland, which as any schoolchild knows  is part of the United Queendom of Retailia, where after a suitable period of mourning, five minutes or so, I shall return to making Mail Art ."

"By the way, the Royal Wax Museum, in Snailmail-on-Sea, will soon have a realistic effigy of the Shopping Trolley Gallery on display. And if any of you wishes to have a Shopping Trolley Gallery of your own, under license of course, I will gladly send the plans and instructions for its construction.
Thank you again for your support in this dark hour."

And, with that, Martha, I will leave you to your period of mourning. I am certainly glad that Kitty Kawaii! was with you at a time you needed her most.


  1. Let me know if you want help with your kitty's travels. I live in Kansas.

  2. I would be very pleased to add you as a "host". America, like Canada, is big and the KATS have only seen a small part of it. You can email your address to and I will add you to the list.
    Thanks, Joelle!