Sunday, 29 April 2012

She's Alive!!!

 Yes! Zombie Mini Kawaii! is no longer missing in action and seems to be having a most fabulous time in Brazil with Lilian. I received this report from Lilian this morning:

"Mini Kawaii! is alive and so am I....I kept the capybaras away from her :)
(see previous posting.) She has lots of news, actually she decided to join my husband in the triathlon competition Ironman Brazil next month, so she has been very occupied training...although she is not swimming yet...just biking and running...
Now I'll let you know what she was doing meanwhile..."
" ZMK and Bisteca were watching a lot of zombie movies and The Walking Dead, so Bisteca started wondering if it was not dangerous to have a Zombie at home....Maybe ZMK would like to eat her brain???"

" I did not take ZMK to work yet, but she went for a walk in the campus.
She posed in a mosaic wall at the Arts Institute."
(What a gorgeous mosaic wall! I can't blame her for wanting her photo taken there.-Louise)

"Walked around some cactus..."
"...and climbed in an Annatto tree (she has to use a lot of sunscreen, she is very, very white...)"
(She also seems to like to climb trees. A lot!-Louise) 

"That's the annatto seed."

"ZMK also played arround my house trying to know all the things":
"Art material"

"Messy clothes"

"Dogs toys"

"...and as she loves to climb trees: The Jabuticaba tree..."

"...Jabuticaba tree with fruits:"

"Unfortunately, she did not make friends to the dogs living in the backyard, 
Chococat tried to eat her....."

I guess Zombie Mini Kawaii! looked like a pretty tasty morsel to the dog next door. That might (and I put great emphasis on the word "might".) teach her to stay out of Chococat's backyard, lest she become a "zombie doggie treat". (...hmmm...that could make another cartoon...)

Anyway, Lilian, we look forward to her next adventures with you and cannot wait(!) to see her in the "Ironman" competition. After all, if Phat Kat can run a Paris Marathon, there is simply no reason Mini can't do the "Ironman", right?!

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