Monday, 10 September 2012

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! 2: A Lesson (Or Two) In Welsh Culture!

 Yes. That's right. She may be a Zombie KAT, but here she is immersing herself in Welsh Culture with the help of her host, Sarah! I implore those reading today's blog to check out the links that Sarah has provided as they are most interesting. The one about the "Love Spoons" is particularly fascinating and the spoons are incredible to behold. Now, without any further ado:

Yesterday, I took ZKK2 along to St Fagans, Wales' National History Museum, where a food festival was held in the sun. Actual sun! Not enough to need a sun hat, but no umbrellas were needed either.
We all ate a lot of food, drank a lot of samples and enjoyed the scenery. ZKK2 found a Victorian postbox to climb...
 ... and a traditional British Telephone Box.
Lastly, here she is outside Wales' Smallest Post Office , built in 1936, and moved (brick-by-brick-) to the site in 1992.
 It was a long day, and ZKK2 learned all about the Welsh heritage, including our traditional costumescustomslove spoons and lots of other things! Maybe I'll have to teach her some Welsh, too.

Love Spoons

 That was a most interesting adventure that you and Kitty Kawaii! went on. The Victorian Post box is simply incredible! Actually, all those photos are pretty incredible! Just make sure that ZKK2 stays away from those Blue Police Boxes though as we wouldn't want her to disappear unexpectedly like her predecessor...

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