Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Burnt Again!

When will these KATs learn? Never, it seems as the sun seems to call them and, well, I'll let Katerina, our Thessaloniki correspondent, tell all:

Zombie Kitty gets BURNT, again...
this time by the Greek sun:

I warned her not to sit too many hours out on that lounge chair,
and not to swim in the sea at noontime,
but did she listen? Not!
Well, she developed a sun rash, and looks like a tomato (like me).

Luckily, I have many creams, and sprays, and antihistamine pills from the doc, 
so ZKK2 should be in good shape to travel by the time her passport arrives.
Not a problem, Martha, you see Zombie Kitty has to stay indoors for a few more days anyway...

And if she does want to go outdoors, she now has a straw hat to protect her from the sun!

That is one great hat, Katerina and should keep Kitty Kawaii! nice and sun free for the rest of her stay. It probably should go with her on her travels, as you never know when she will end up somewhere where the sun is too strong for her delicate, ever falling off flesh.

Passport update from Retailia: Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (Mark 2)'s passport arrived in Retailia from Canada in record speed (4 days!).  A message sent from Martha I:
 "ZKK's passport is on its way to Greece, posted on Saturday but it left the post office this morning, Monday August 20th, as there is no post on Sundays. I hope there are no more mishaps."
Passport stamp  officiated in the Queendom of Retailia

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