Saturday, 25 August 2012

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (Mark2): Leading A Charmed Life In Greece!

After all the misadventures of losing passports and getting 3rd degree sunburns, it looks as if Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (Mark 2) is finally settling down and enjoying some relaxation in beautiful Greece with her host, Katerina N...

What nice charms! Zombie Kitty is soooo charming!
Now her rash is all cleared up and we made a short visit
in the late afternoon, out to the seaside shack. She liked the nice breeze
and sitting out on the swing:

Also, wanted to sit in the shade of the olive tree...

...and smell the flowers!

She has been a good Zombie Kitty,
and helped me unpack two mailings from Erni.
 Luckily, there was NO cheese in the box!
I think she just loves the Haptic Werewolf!

Zombie Kitty Kawaii2 out at the marble seaside shack :-)

 Katerina, I am so glad to see you both having such a relaxing adventure, as well as ZKK2 looking so fit and unburnt. We know this KAT loves to participate in mail art activities and I'm glad she was such a great help to you. But, it was probably good that there was no cheese in the package or who knows what could have happened!

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