Saturday, 25 February 2012

Poor, Sickly Kitty Kawaii.. feed or not to feed? Or, how does one, in fact, avoid the nasty hairball problem...A Bit Of Wine?A Bit Of Cheese? A Baguette?...main commentary by Dean, with bits thrown in by some of the former ZKK hosts :
" Give Zombie Kitty Kawaii! a bit of wine, a bit of cheese, a baguette...
and she will be hair balls after that  :-)"
says Greek Correspondent, Katerina.

"Well, I don't want to say any not nice, but what exactly were you feeding her in Greece before you sent her to Paris? Greek wine, cheese & bread was maybe not a good idea. (Notice how Kitty becomes a "her" when something bad happens.)
We thought to be going to the Eiffel Tower today, but Kitty doesn't look too good.  How long does it take a Zombie Kat to get over this hair ball stuff?  Besides, I have to clean the carpet today!   On the bright side, this red hair ball stuff looks like it will made an interesting Mail Art Card ... now who should I send it to?
Gaaaaaakkkkkkk!! (sound F/x by Amy)
" Leave it to ZKK to spit up hair rectangles rather than balls. Poor sick little thing."
remarks our Port Washington, WI, Correspondent, Angie.

So, who indeed will Dean send this red, fluffy, hairball to?
And, will a stamp actually stick to it?

Stay tuned for more Zombie Kitty Kawaii! Adventures!

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