Thursday, 2 February 2012

And From Waitpinga, Australia...Another Zombie Mini Kawaii! Adventure!

It's the middle of the afternoon here in Canada, (probably the middle of the night somewhere else) and I'm finally getting the chance to post this next Australian adventure Zombie Mini Kawaii! is on. Unfortunately, my Internet has been down in the mornings as my provider is fixing the lines, so nothing gets done until the afternoons. But, I digress... we have a brand spanking new "Zombie Mini Kawaii!" adventure for you all! Photos and commentary by vizma, ZMK's host Down Under:

"Zombie Mini Kawaii! in the ute ready to take empty bottles to the recycle depot."

" Heading into town I put her on the dashboard with her new Aussie travel mates (it's illegal to sit in the back). From left: Burnt Troll, Footloose Witch, Pol Danzer, Dreadlock Gumby and (partly hidden) Lawn Bowler Cake Decoration Man."
 (What awesome new pals for ZMK! She seems to fit right in with them! -Louise)

"Sending Mail Art! One there for Katerina so she doesn't get too sad about losing ZKK so quickly!"

 "Trying to have a ride on a kangaroo road sign...

  ...and then she ran up a Eucalyptus tree and wouldn't come down. I'll have to get her tomorrow, hope it doesn't rain because she's not laminated."

Oh, Mini Kawaii! "Trouble" is definitely your middle name. Were you looking to find a koala to befriend? Well, at least you helped vizma take the empties to the recycling depot (my guess being that many of them were Mini Kawaii!s). Until  your next adventure...

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