Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Zombie Mini Kawaii! Wreaks Havoc In Adelaide...

... and has the luck to meet some of it's finest firefighters! Commentary and photos from our Waitpinga, SA corespondent, vizma:

"Today, I took Mini ZKK to Adelaide, because it was such a lovely day. 31 degrees, just right for a spin to the beach at Largs Bay."

"Little did I know that Kitty was feeling very playful and frisky, and just as a fire truck was driving past she she scooted up the nearest pine tree."
 ( Car rides to lovely beaches always seem to make "Mini Kawaii!" kind of frisky, but I guess you discovered that. -Louise)

"As you would expect, the lovely Largs lads jumped out of their fire truck and sprang to the rescue! Isn't this what a fireman is trained for on his first day of training? I was most impressed at their agility, strength and dedication to saving our Kitty from the incredibly high branches!"
(What an incredibly smart and sly Kitty she is! Indeed! -Louise)

"The fire engine driver was so honoured to save a Zombie Kitty from Toronto that he took down her details, and I wouldn't be surprised if he comes to visit Zombie back in TO. I had a chat with this heroic man and he informed me that he had once lived in Toronto. Then we had a laugh abooot the way Canadians say about!! Ha! I also wouldn't be surprised if these blog photos are copied and pinned up at the fire station!!!"
 (I'm surprised that he didn't mention how we Canadians are always saying "eh" at the end of our sentences, eh? -Louise)

"Anyway, here's a pic of me and Zombie, back on safe ground, posing on the front of the truck! Thank you so much to the Largs boys for being such great sports!!!!"

Wow! What an awesome Adelaide adventure you two had! "Mini Kawaii!" is certainly getting herself some kind of reputation as well...especially among the Largs Fire Services ! Ha! They were certainly great sports about it and on behalf of The Zombie Mini and Kitty Kawaii! blogging team, I thank them all as well. And, as always, I'm sure we all look forward to the next "Mini Kawaii!" Adventure...

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