Thursday, 31 January 2013

ZKK2 Survives A Very Welsh Winter...

...and to think I thought our Canadian winter was made up of some pretty wild weather this year! Not so! It seems that Zombie Kitty Kawaii! (Mark2) has been less adventurous due to the weather they are currently experiencing in Great Britain. Who can blame her? She is cardboard, after all! Her host, Sarah writes:

"The snow, rain, floods and more snow that has made up the British winter so far have put a stop to all adventures for ZKK2 (otherwise she'll get rather soggy!) Perhaps it is time for her to continue on her travels, and visit somewhere decidedly warmer and dryer, where she can have an abundance of adventures?"

Hmmm...I wonder how the weather in Shanghai is?


  1. Any news on our feline friend? Perhaps she'll make a re-appearance and reanimate our lives.

    1. In January 2014, Zombie Kitty Kawaii! will once again roam this great big world in search for adventure. Details to come shortly...