Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Letter From The Queendom Of Retailia

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! has received her official invite to the Queendom of Retailia. As she has been MIA for the last week (my guess is she is stuck in some USPS Christmas backlog somewhere.), I've taken it upon myself to open it on her behalf.

Instructions to make up the "signed limited edition collector's model of the STG (Shopping Trolley Gallery)", which I fully intend to build, so she can ride around in Retailia in style (Who needs sleep? Not I surely!).
Then, there is the official banknote of "10 Marths" of which I'm not sure the exchange rate is currently compared to the Canadian dollar. But, according to the note on the back of it, it should "tide" Kitty Kawaii! over while she is there.

How very nice of Queen Martha to think of you and your comforts, Kitty Kawaii! Now, if I could only locate you, so I could forward it. Hmmm...Maybe I should take a trip to Retailia?!

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