Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A Whole Lot Of Touring Around...

Wow! Zombie Kitty Kawaii! and Diane certainly tore up Elgin, IL with touring today!  Describing today's foray, Diane says;

"Zombie Kitty had a great time visiting the Hindu temple. It is made completely of imported Indian Marble and is hand carved."

 "She wanted to go inside, but they wouldn't let her past the gates. They were afraid her limbs would drop off  and they didn't want to assume liability."

Yes, I could see how that could be a real problem. Leaving your limbs all over the place is just bad form, in any case. But, I do see that you made a good friend in that green elephant, Kitty Kawaii!
"She waited patiently for the mailman to come and luckily didn't scare him off. He's tough-he's faced bigger scarier dogs. He told me when he encounters a pit bull he growls back at them."

Well, Diane, I hope she was kind to your postman; she knows that if your not nice to the postman, your mail ends up in the back of the flower bed (yuck).

" The last pic is of Zombie Kitty first thing this morning in the very first frost we've had this season."
Good thing you still have most of your fur, Kitty Kawaii! or else it could have been a pretty cold affair. Brrrrr! Thpppt!