Sunday, 4 December 2011

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! arrives in Elgin, IL!

Zombie Kitty Kawaii! left Port Washington, WI only to arrive in Elgin, IL a day later. Pretty quick travels, if you ask me! She must have caught the USPS postal express.

Now,  Zombie Kitty Kawaii! is ingratiating herself upon Diane and her family and on Diane's cat, Salem. Nice Christmas cap, Kitty Kawaii! It suits!

As Diane has said; "She's a very polite houseguest and even though she's dead, she followed protocol." Good to hear it, Kitty Kawaii!
However, there was one "unfortunate mishap".

"But, since she's undead, she came out just fine." says Diane. "She even said it felt like a massage. No tire tread tracks thankfully!"
Yes, there are certainly advantages to being undead. And, I'm glad to see Salem doesn't mind sharing the litter box!

So, what adventures will Zombie Kitty Kawaii! get up to with Diane next! Just stay tuned!

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