Thursday, 17 May 2012

Clues To The Missing KATS?!!!

Yesterday, I received in the mail 2 postcards which possibly are clues to our missing travelers. Here is the first one for your perusal:
Wanted: For Kidnapping Zombie KATS
This leads me to believe that the KATS, in their travels to the mysterious "E  Ambassadeur D'Utopia", were intercepted and are in the clutches of this man, who has up until to now, been believed to be dead.

Now for the second clue, a postcard from our WI, Port Washington correspondent, Angie, who in despair, had posted the following:

Are the two clues possibly connected? Probably not. But, if Zombie Kitty Kawaii! only had 8 lives left when she left Angie's, then she most certainly had many less when she left Dean's in Paris. And, what of the Mysterious "E"? Will the KATS arrive safely? Will we ever hear from them again? Will my coffee still be at least warm by the end of this blog post? Well, ZKK fans, we will just have to wait and see...until then...THHPPT!

P.s.- If anyone has their own ideas regarding this matter, please, please, please, don't hesitate to make contact. I do have one last card with Phat Kat's cat-sick that I am willing to part with for any information. Thank you.


  1. My Real Wall is in London....
    the web blog for MRW is really a secret portal for MI6....
    I think i have said too much..........

  2. Oh no! My cover has been blown!

    I last saw ZKK! in Paris before he went missing...But it wasn't me!

    1. Apologies about the blown cover. I guess Queen Martha I will be recalling you to Retalia.

      I will vouch for you.