Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Zombie Mini Kawaii! Visits The Mall!

There is nothing in the world I like better then a bit of "retail" therapy. And, so does Zombie Mini Kawaii! apparently. Who knew? A KAT after my own heart! Photos and commentary by our "Brazilian correspondent", Lilian Mariutti:

"I took her to shop for a few things at Dom Pedro Shopping Mall, the biggest one in Latin America."

"She is posing with the mall symbol: The Bird. (of course, she tried to eat it, but....)"

 " Here, she is playing in the in the fig tree."

"When they were building the mall, they found an enormous 400-year condemned fig tree and a lot of sculptures were made from it."

"Then we bought a few things....

...and finally, we had a nice meal!"

What a great shopping adventure you had with ZMK, Lilian! And, those fig tree sculptures are truly spectacular!  I'm glad she didn't eat "The Bird" though. That might have been a bit akward to explain to the Mall Security...
As always, we look forward to your next adventure with Zombie Mini Kawaii!

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