Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Zombie Mini Kawaii! The Mother's Day Adventure!

Yes, I'm missing Zombie Kitty Kawaii! and her traveling companion, Phat Kat, too! But, I guess that's the misadventure with traveling by the World's Postal System. You never know whether or not someone is going to rip open the package as they deem it suspect...however, we do have an new "Mini Kawaii!" adventure for you from our lovely Brazilian correspondent, Lilian:

"Here are ZMK adventures last Sunday!"
" We went to Piracicaba for Mother's Day and we had lunch at Rua do Porto (Harbour Street) by the river."

 "Looking at the restaurant menu....."

 "Choosing her own fish...."

" She also ordered a "cuzcuz" ( a typical Brazilian food made with corn flour, tomato sauce, fish, shirimp, eggs, etc)."

" She ate quite fast!"
(And, who can blame her? It sounds delicious!-Louise)

"After lunch, she walked by the street to look at the neighborhood..."

 "Peppers in the window."

"Fake "mulata."
(She is rather lovely and I'll bet she's a great listener.-Louise)

"Posing in front a Brazilian handmade flag (courtesy of the artist Marcelo Chiaranda"

"But what she really liked: MOSAICS!!!! "

"Vintage stairs in my grandma's in-law building."

"Sunbath looking at the River."
 (I know that our WI correspondent, Angie, will be grateful that someone is holding "Mini's" paw, lest she falls off the bridge and into the river. -Louise)

"And finally, a panoramic view of the city."

What a nice Mother's Day Zombie Mini Kawaii! had with you. I do hope she was on her best behavior, especially with all the Moms and Grand-Moms around.  It was their day, after all, and she was their guest. Thank you again, Lilian, for sharing the photos. I love that Mini Kawaii! is getting a real taste for Brazil!
We look forward to your next adventures...until then...PPHHT!

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